Towards the exit from the middle ages

Ch. Stremmenos
Retired Professor of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry in the University of Bologna

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When it comes to energy, the first thing to consider is how little we know about it. It is defined as the ability to produce work ,. but beyond that, we are not able to describe all the relevant substantive aspects. We know that energy can take many forms (kinetic, thermal, chemical, biochemical, nuclear, electromagnetic, etc.). We also know that it is a fundamental quality, and a physical entity (… and maybe METAPHYSICAL …) of the Universe . And we know that energy and matter are closely linked and interchangeable to a certain extent (as expressed by Einstein’s most famous equation E=mc²)
We are also quite sure that the law of conservation of energy it’s real. In other words, energy is neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed. Thus, the set of methods of use are constituted by systems that convert one form of energy into another that is for our most useful needs (eg thermal engines that generate mechanical work or electricity which in turn is available for a very high number of applications, … …). Now, we also know that quantum vacuum contains an enormous amount of energy in a primitive state. This huge amount of energy, calculated mathematically amounts to 10 ^ 113 joules per cubic meter that to realize this magnitude, we will refer to the phrase of the great physicist, award .Nobel Richard Feynman who finishing his tea, to say in front of the empty cup , to his disciples…. “There is enough energy in the space of this empty cup to evaporate all the oceans of our PLANET…!”
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2 comments to Towards the exit from the middle ages

  • Andrea Rossi

    Christian SCHOLL:
    We are working in that direction. We are not ready right now, but we are quite advanced.
    Warm Regards,

  • Christian SCHOLL

    Hello Andrea
    Thank you for your great work.
    In the past comments you are planning 2 production units: one in USA and another in Sweden;
    Are you ready for mass production?

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