JANUARY 15th EVENT – Prof. Levi, Dr. Bianchini and Prof. Villa reports

Prof. Giuseppe Levi, Dr. David Bianchini and Prof. Mauro Villa  (Bologna University) final reports about January 15th scientific experiment.

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196 comments to JANUARY 15th EVENT – Prof. Levi, Dr. Bianchini and Prof. Villa reports

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Stefano Tribuzi,
    I forgot to say:
    the water came from a weighted reservoir, so that the total amount of water passed through the reactor has been weighted by means of a scale you should see in the video, on the floor, beside the the high H2 tank (not the low one connected with the reactor).
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph,
    Warm regards,

  • Joseph Fine

    Dr. Rossi, Jed,

    The Mauro Villa report states that isotope ratio Cu-63 / Cu-65 decreases over time. At the risk of being obvious, either Cu-65 is produced or Cu-63 is consumed or both occur. If so, Cu-65 may come from Ni-64 and the Cu-63 may become Ni-62. (With different time constants etc.)

    A neutroid that tunnels into the (Ni-64) nucleus may split into a proton and electron with the electron escaping. This is not Beta decay since the neutroid is NOT a neutron. The decrease of Cu-63 is also unusual as Cu-63 does not spontaneously decay.

    There’s some very interesting physics going on here.

    Keep on keeping on!


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Ellul:
    Yes, we are thinking also issues like the ones you have pulled out.
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Max:
    As soon as the patent will be approved we will be more generous.
    Warm regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Jed:
    The report of Prof. Villa, a Professor of the University of Bologna who works also with INFN and CERN, is extremely well done, and has opened insights that are helping a lot my research of a final theory.
    We will work again and again with him.
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Stefano Tiribuzi:
    I do not know which kind of pump it was, because it has been chosen by the testers, but what I can say, regarding your comment, is:
    1- the amount of the flow of water has been tested many times during the test, filling a reservoir with a well known volume and taking the time to fill it up.
    2- I thank you very much for validating our test by redundance: in fact, if only the 39% of the measured flow should have been passed, the reactor would have produced 4.8 kWh, consuming 400 Wh. I am sure that you, being an engineer of a great energy provider, know the first and also the second thermodynamic principle, therefore I am sure you made your comment to congratulate us.
    For this reason I thank you infinitely.
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    For this kind of commercial questions, please contact
    Warm regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Thank you also to you,
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Stefano:
    The World Press will be informed only at the inauguration of the 1 MW plant we are manufacturing in the USA. Only a 1 MW plant operated by a Customer, a satisfied Customer, will be worth of a World Press communication. It will be very soon, monthes from now, not years.
    I do not think that you will have one in your home, not in a short term of time anyway, because one thing is to get the authorizations to install an industrial plant, operated by specialoists, a completely different thing is to get the authorizations to install a device like this in a household, without professional operators.
    While an industrial module of 1 MW is very close, matter of months, a domestic appliance I think will be possible in years from now.
    Warm regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Stefano

    Quando pensate di informare la stampa a livello mondiale?
    Quando ci sara’ una dimostrazione definitiva?
    Quando potro’ averne uno a casa?


  • giovanni guerrini

    Gentili ing Rossi e prof Focardi.
    E’da quando ero ragazzo che penso che la energia da fusione abbia la portata ,in termini tecnologici sociali ed economici,della scoperta del fuoco.Poche persone sanno ancora della vostra scoperta e della sua imminente realizzazione,ma sono certo che con il suo ingresso sul mercato la diffusione sarà rapida e le persone si renderanno conto della sua importanza.Siete andati contro tutti e tutto tenaci e convinti nella vostra ricerca,come solo gli uomini che cambiano il mondo sanno fare.Grazie,grazie da un essere umano che abita questo pianeta e che ha la fortuna,per vostro merito,di assistere alla nascita di una nuova era ,l’inizio di un mondo nuovo più libero e più giusto.
    Non mollate,mai.

    Giovanni Guerrini Lugo Ra

  • Andrew

    Mr. Rossi-

    Any idea how much a 12-20kw module will cost consumers approximately? What will be the cost of maintenance/refueling on an annual basis?

    Hope all is well and best of luck.

  • Stefano Tiribuzi

    Excuse, Dr. Levi, my insistence,
    but on the lack of an answer to my previous question, let me temporarily assume that the model of the pump used in the January 14th test belongs actually to the Milton Roy LMI Series P1.
    In such a case, the capacity per stroke could be at maximum 2 ml (model P18 in the Series P1). Now, considering that the pump has been operated at about 57 strokes per minute (hear sound at the beginning of movie 2/3), it makes a maximum water flow rate of 114 ml per minute, that would be 39% only of the value indicated in your preliminary report.
    Probably, I have got a bad impression and the pump was another one. So I think it would be of great importance, if you could gather and kindly specify, here and/or on the final version of your report, the real specific model and the relevant operating data of the water pump used in your verification test.

    Thank you and best regards

    Stefano Tiribuzi

  • max

    …in effetti le pile ricaricabili NiMH da 1.2 Volt non arrivano neanche agli 1.5 Volt di quelle alcaline, un buon modo di rivalutare il Nichel, forza Nichel! me ne comprerò un barile! …ma quindi questa macchina non consuma ma trasforma la materia e produce calore? …ma questo reattore ha un principio di funzionamento totalmente diverso da tutti i reattori per la fusione creati fino ad ora? …oppure pensa che quando rivelerà il funzionamento qualche scienziato dirà:”ma è vero! perchè non ci ho pensato prima!”

    …intanto faccio il tifo per voi!

    PS. …quando rivelerete il funzionamento poi farete anche una guida per spiegarlo ai comuni mortali? …per favore…

  • Albert Ellul

    From what I have been reading (science and news) ever since Fleischman and Pons first proposed LENR, and considering that the people behind the Rossi and Focardi are all PhD’s with no logical reason whatsover to scam others, I tend to believe, and very much wish that, this development is true and most of all that it is functional.
    Should this be the case, then humanity is in for better times due to the availablity of cheap energy FOR ALL HUMANITY.
    Currently, energy is costing more and more (due to artifical and egoistic inflation of the price of oil) making many people suffer, lose jobs and basically making more people fall below the poverty line while those that are already poor become miserable.
    It would be a shame should this emerging technolgy be somehow threatened by the big corporations through political pressure and arm-twisting so as to keep current energy prices high for the benefit of a few people and a few countries.

    The technology practically already exists for the production of electricity, grid connected or stand alone, by means of the Rossi “Ni-H” reactor. This is what immediatley comes to mind.
    We already have on the market wind-turbine powered generators and inverters for grid connection or for stand-alone power supply. If this system, instead of being driven by a wind turbine, is driven by a Sterling engine heated by steam generated by the Rossi “Ni-H” reactor, then, a very silent, transportable and effective electrical generation unit will be available.
    Dr. rossi: Is this already in your plans?

  • Omar

    Dear Rossi,

    I really hope that this invention will solve the energy problem of Italy first.
    This would really restart the country again.


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Sandhu:
    We do not use Raney Ni.
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Pierre Carbonelle,
    This is a very important question.
    We will continue the research regarding the gamma rays, with the University of Bologna’s professors Levi, Villa, Bianchini. I have a precise theory about this fact, but more tests are necessary. I am not ready to answer to this question, also because I should have to talk about how the reactor is made inside.
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear M.Tiffi:
    The answer is yes,
    Warm Regards,

  • mtiffi


    congratulation for your work. I believe in it and hope the next steps working fine and fast.

    One Question:
    Did you etablished backup mechanismen (safe provisions) if something (i don’t hope so) happen to you or your team?
    Is the knowledge for the mechanism lost?

    Thanks a lot.
    Good luck and many success for the next steps.

    I believe…


  • Pierre Carbonnelle

    Mr. Rossi,

    Here is a quote from Dr. Celani’s report (http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2011/01/18/rossi-and-focardi-lenr-device-celani-report/)

    “They also had a twin gamma ray detector assembled in order to detect e+e- annihilation. In this run, almost no such results were detected. Focardi was confident that they were going to get large amounts of such signal, as in previous experiments. This time, the counts were close to background for coincidences, and only some uncorrelated signal was over background.”

    Could you confirm this ? Any other comments / explanations ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kindly confirm that you are not using activated Raney Nickel as the starting raw material in your reactor. That is because activated Raney Nickel can absorb large amount of nascent Hydrogen in its porous structure and can lead to explosive situations when exposed to atmospheric Oxygen.

  • Joseph Fine


    Thanks for the Mauro Villa paper. A possibility why no gammas were found above 200 KeV is because they (gammas and X-rays) are all…BELOW…200 KeV.

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip, and after finishing their dinner they retire for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes up and nudges his faithful friend. “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.” “I see millions and millions of stars, Holmes” exclaims Watson. “And what do you deduce from that?” Watson ponders for a minute. “Well, astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful, and that we are a small and insignificant part of the universe. What does it tell you, Holmes?” “Watson, you idiot!” he exclaims, “Somebody’s stolen our tent!”


  • DEFKALION Energy Group

    Marion Macy provided a peport on the Rossi experiment of January 14th, which we would like to clarify as representatives of the Defkalion Group, based in Greece:

    ” A public announcement providing a more comprehensive overview will be made in the coming weeks by Defkalion- an industrial company. For the time being, it is confirmed that Defkalion will manufacture units up to 20KW for different non-military applications within 2011, exclusively. Among such applications, Defkalion’s units will also ensure CHP or micro-CHP interoperability. Rights and licenses for international markets will be assessed according to ensuing corporate interest.

    This is a momentous and exciting historical technological breakthrough, whereby energy will no longer be a scare commodity. The Rossi Energy Catalyzer will provide totally green, cheap, and renewable energy. Defkalion intends to use this technology in a socially responsible manner, adhering to the global energy transition.

    Further requests can be temporarily forwarded to stsalikoglou@gmail.com

  • Stefano Tiribuzi

    Dr. Levi,
    looking at the documentation (photos and movies) available on the web, it seems that the dosing pump used in the January 14th test is a LMI series P1 pump, manufactured by Milton Roy.
    Could you please confirm this impression, and indicate the specific model of the P1 series of the pump used in the test?
    Thank you
    Stefano Tiribuzi

  • Enrico Billi

    In this Journal Of Nuclear Physics we already discussed the Widom and Larsen work when it was still in the arxiv.org database, i am happy to see finally it have been published on the European Journal Of Physics C.
    This is one of the possible theoretical basis of the phenomena Ing. Rossi and Prof. Focardi discovered. Infact the Ni-H reactor could be the first application of such principle of weak interaction catalysis.
    But to proof that, further experiments must be done i think.

  • Carissimo Ingegnere,
    sono entusiasta della sua applicazione,
    per portare al pubblico medio-basso come me una possibile spiegazione dei motivi della produzione di energia, potremmo raffigurare quanto accade nel catalizzatore nella seguente semplice maniera :
    poniamo che il nichel sia una parete rocciosa e l’idrogeno sia acqua.
    L’acqua penetra negli interstizi della roccia. Quindi arriva il freddo. L’acqua gela e si espande. Espandendosi frattura ulteriormente la roccia.
    In questo caso l’effetto dell’espansione si avrebbe con l’aumento della temperatura.
    Che ne pensa ?

  • Dotto Egrasso

    May be of interest – Protons dressed up as neutrons tricks themselves into the nucleus.

    “Ultra low momentum neutron catalyzed nuclear reactions
    on metallic hydride surfaces”


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Hank,
    Yes I will.
    Nevertheless, I am sure the only way to cut through the chattering is produce sound, safe reactors producing energy displaying in full their power.
    Warm regards,

  • Hank Williams

    It is important to cut through the chatterings.

    One way of doing this would be to share information on the radioactive emissions of the device.

    Providing information about the radioactive emissions outside of the device (when shielding blocks them) is useless in cutting out chatterings. But a measurement of radioactivity inside of the cell would make it CLEAR BEYOND A DOUBT a nuclear reaction is happening.

    Will you provide such data?


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Svein:
    Thank you for your open letter.
    Warm regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Herbert:
    1- I am not professor
    2- I totally share with you that to make a solid theory we have to work, work, work on good and safe reactors who produce working every day, safe and sound. I already have a theory, but I will expose it only after the presentation of the 1 MW plant. I assume that by that time we will have a granted patent, so we will be able to clarify what now is an industrial confidentiality
    3-we already have those data, since we have reactors which worked for 6 months 24 hours per day. We are writing a paper on this issue.
    In this article we will give the data regarding the isotopical mutations
    4- you are right, but I think that more than that hte result of a working plant cuts all the chatterings.
    Warm regards,

  • Professor Andrea Rossi–

    Congratulations on your marvelous accomplishment. To succeed in producing kilowatts of power from Hydrogen plus a few grams of Nickel is a wonderful achievement. I am glad to see that you are scaling up your process to provide Megawatts of power.

    But on the theoretical side I believe that ONE GOOD EXPERIMENT is better than a thousand theoretical speculations.

    How soon can we expect results from a small table-top experiment that runs 1 gram of Nickel to depletion and measures the isotopic abundance of the exhausted fuel?

    Please, sir, share with us the answer to the question: what are the isotopic ratios of the depleted fuel in your small-scale H-Ni reactor?

    The result of one good experiment is worth a thousand theoretical speculations.

  • Svein Utne

    This is an open letter to Andrea Rossi.
    The world is burning fissile fuel and polluting the atmosphere and increasing the CO2 level, increasing the rate of global warming. If you have a possibility to speed up the volume production of this CO2 free energy, I hope you will.
    BlackLight Power is claiming a fuel cell that will deliver electricity till $25/kW. That might be a price even your process will have difficulties to mach, but BlackLight Power might be several years form commercialization, so it might be good for your economy to get as high production as possible as soon as possible before the competitors get into high production.
    Svein Utne

  • Andrea Rossi


  • Joseph Fine

    Unknown physics are only unknown today. Physics is Science and neither religion nor magic. If you don’t believe Hydrogen and Nickel can react in a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR), admit that the Energy Catalyzer is powerful Magic.

    Arthur C. Clarke’s 3 laws:

    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right; when he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong.
    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.

  • Andrea Rossi


  • Svein Utne

    Please help me clarify the situation. I see three possible explanations.
    1. Andrea Rossi and some close friend have managed to fool the 50 people at the demo.
    2. All the 50 witnesses are in on the scam.
    3. Some heat is produced the can not be explained by known physics.
    I think option 1 and 2 has a low probability, and then we are left with option nr. 3. I know it should be even more unlikely, so I am lost.
    If option 3 is the only option, this should be all over the news, be I only see it at some internet blogs. It makes no sense to me. I have been waiting for this for more then 20 years and now we might have it, and now one really seams to take it seriously? What am I missing?

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mr Nick:
    While our tests with the University of Bologna are going on upon the module, we are completing the construction of the 1 MW plant.
    We thing by when the 1 MW plant will be put in operation, at the presentation of it we will have fully matured our theoretical structuration of the effects.
    Warm Regards,

  • What we really need here, before spinning any more wild theories is more info.

    Since the F-M experiment is so robust, ie, producing kilowatts of power not mere
    “anomalous heat”, several experiments suggest themselves.

    The most obvious experiment is to take a very small amount of Nickel, measure the isotope
    abundance in a mass spectrometer, run the experiment for as long as it takes to exhaust
    the fuel (whatever that fuel might be). And of course measuring the declining power curve.

    Then run a second mass spec on the exhausted fuel to discover what isotopes of Nickel were used up
    and what isotopes of Copper (if any) were created. This simple experiment alone would tell us a lot about what might be going on inside the reactor and produce some very solid evidence for the theorists to chew on.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to invest in this machine until the results of
    some version of this simple and obvious experiment were carried out
    with the high precision that modern lab technology now routinely permits
    for these sorts of measurements

  • Enrico Billi

    In the second test the purpose wasn’t to test the energy output, but to measure the radiation fields (EM and neutron). It is interesting to read that the instruments doesn’t measure deviations of such fields over the detection experimental errors about 12 nSv/h.
    If we wanna be scientist we could only say for that system conditions we found a maximum limit of the radiation field emited by the reactor.
    The impressive energy output show something happening inside the system, surely futher more detailed and analytical measurements should be done in future about a spectral analysis of the EM and neutron field radiation (but such kind of measurements need expencive and specific designed detection systems).
    The reactor wasn’t “naked” so i am curious to know how much is thick the cover of the reactor, some gamma could be either back-scattered or absorbed by the cover.

  • I meant to say: I hope you do not mind that I made some corrections! They are minor.

  • Sergio Pomante

    Il dr. Bianchini ha cercato gamma e/o neutroni… si e’ mai avuta traccia di particelle alfa (ovvero elio)??

  • I made some corrections to the English and the spelling of this report, and uploaded it here:


  • insight

    ho inserito un altro commento su

    In data 24/01/2011 è stato divulgato sul sito/blog di riferimento per quanto riguarda questa possibile scoperta innovativa (www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com) un rapporto scientifico relativo a due dimostrazioni pratiche (condotte il 16/12/2010 e il 14/01/2011) di funzionamento del piccolo reattore, oggetto di un brevetto la cui approvazione è attesa per i prossimi mesi, dopodichè gli autori ne riveleranno in dettaglio la struttura interna, e così sarà possibile testare anche in laboratori indipendenti il meccanismo di produzione energetica, che appare effettivamente notevole.
    Questa è la conclusione del rapporto, che fa anche menzione ad un “appropriato programma scientifico” che sarebbe predisposto in base all’evidenza della effettiva produzione energetica.
    Inoltre non sono state rilevate perdite di radiazione all’esterno, fatto da considerarsi benigno anche se controverso dal punto di vista delle conoscenze attuali relative alla fusione nucleare.
    Le verifiche sono state effettuate dal Dr. Giovanni Levi e Dr. David Bianchini dell’Università di Bologna e, sebbene non possano ancora dissipare ogni perplessità, danno indicazioni quantitative e di buon senso circa l’effettiva possibilità che il “programma scientifico” predisposto possa portare alla ricerca italiana una importante conferma scientifica, che comunque già da qualche tempo appare non improbabile grazie ad alcuni lavori scientifici teorici sulla possibile presenza di stati dell’atomo di idrogeno facilitanti la fusione e sperimentali che confermano la produzione di energia in situazioni tipiche della cosiddetta “fusione fredda”, che poi tanto fredda non appare visto che, a quanto sembra, il reattore dimostrativo è stato fatto operare in condizioni ben al di sotto delle effettive potenzialità.

  • William

    Why is output data for the second test not included?

  • William

    Why is the total output energy for the second test not included? It should be in the paper.

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