Electrical catalyst

Tadej Bajda a.k.a.Tamal Krishna
das Krsko, Slovenia
Description of a fictional device, cylindrical in shape, for starting a low energy nuclear reaction. Using an environment of hydrogen and nickel charecteristics, similiar to one in an E-Cat. Imagining hydrogen molecul as a spring resonant system and simply using frequency and power of electricity as a catalyst.

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  • Wladimir Guglinski

    June 20th, 2013 at 9:46 PM

    1. What force binds the three QED quarks within the electron?

    The same force which binds the three quarks wihin the proton.

    2. What force binds a QED quark to a QCD quark to establish a bond between electron and proton within a QRT neutron?

    3. Where is the QED equivalent of the multitude of QCD mesons and baryons?

    RESPONSE to 1 and 2:
    Joe, I dont know.
    I had proposed that the electron is composed by three quarks because by having as a point of departure an aether formed by elementary particles (as proposed in my QRT), the electron cannot be considered as a fundamental particle (as it is considered in current Physics).

    I dont have all the answers.

    The theorists did not tried to respond such questions risen by you because till now they believed that the electron is a fundamental particle, since they believed that the space is empty (and an empty entity cannot be formed by fundamental particles).

    But now the new experiment published in 2011 had showed that the space is not empty. And therefore the aether is composed by fundamental particles.

    Therefore the theorists cannot keep their wrong way of investigation, by supposing the electron as a fundamental particle.
    Now the theorists need to change the way of their investigations, by supposing the electron formed by quarks, in order to get responses for questions as those risen by you.


  • This is the link of the interview with Andrea Rossi on 25/06/2013. The interview is in Italian. With Giulietta Bandiera and Dario Nencini on http://www.newliferadio.it

  • Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    Have you considered performing the following experiment?

    Using three pressurized vessels of identical design, all three contain a molten salt material and an electric resistance heating capability,
    configure the following: (the heat loss environment should be identical for all units)

    1. One container contains only the molten salt (with some air for expansion) – called this the Control unit
    2. Another container holds the same amount of molten salt material plus nano-sized Nickel (plus your special catalyst) but no Hydrogen.
    3. The third container holds the same as Container #2 plus some high pressure Hydrogen (pressurized to what you would pressurize an eCat)

    The experiment: Electrically heat all three to some high temperature, say 500C, and hold the temperature. Measure and record the amount of
    electrical power needed to maintain that temperature.

    Observables: If any of the units show less power needed to maintain the same temperature (as compared to the Control unit), then an exothermic reaction must be occurring. Monitor for several days recording the power consumed by each container. Repeat the experiment at different temperature settings.

  • Robert Curto

    Dr. Rossi, someone should tell them about the E-Cat.

    Please Google:
    Fusion energy dreams smash into hard economic realities

    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Frank Acland:
    Sorry to correct you, but I did not say we have not been successful, I said we are working on it, with very positive perspectives.
    Thank you for your continue attention,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Herb Gillis:
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Italo R., David Linebarger:
    We have to work hard and diffuse our technology. All the rest is a logic onsequence.
    Warm Regards,

  • Italo R.

    Dear Dr. Rossi, what do you think about the speech delivered yesterday by President Obama?
    He talks about the new energy policy, but no words about LENR

    Read here:


    Kind Regards,
    Italo R.

  • David Linebarger

    Hi AR,

    I was wondering, recently Obama unveiled his new climate change policy, but LENR was not included in it. So I am wondering if you guys will be selling your e-cats to the masses before we spend a significant amount of money for alternative energy sources that will in the end be a waste of money, since they will be replaced by LENR soon after anyway. Thanks.

    David Linebarger

  • Herb Gillis

    Dear Andrea Rossi:
    When you said earlier today that “soon we will need much help”, do you mean you will be hiring employees?
    Kind Regards; HRG.

  • Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    It seems that for a long time you have been working on producing electricity from the E-Cat using the Carnot cycle — but you have recently stated that you have not been successful so far. Could you explain what have been the main difficulties — and how close are you to success?

    Many thanks, and best wishes,

    Frank Acland

  • Andrea Rossi

    Paul D. Kendall:
    Thank you for your kind considerations. Yes, soon we will need much help. Very important developments are close to pop up. The USA factory is in advanced status ( it is magnificent), and important developments are coming up.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Cesarino Artioli:
    Thank you. Yes, our work will honour the work of Prof. Sergio Focardi.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    I have not understood well what you are proposing. About Snowden: if you want my frank opinion, I think he is a traitor, who exposed and compromised important work of the NSA, the only reason NSA has to work that way is to protect the USA from terrorism. Who respects the law has nothing to fear from the controls of NSA.
    That’s what I think.
    Warm Regards,

  • propagare

    Hello Andrea,

    first things first:
    „I want to say how shocked I was to hear about the death of Prof. Dr. Sergio Focardi. :’-(
    A huge loss to the world imo. RIP. May his and your mission making him immortal in a good sense.

    I hope you and your family are fine and most things are going as you planed them.

    Now back to the living and your mission:
    I want to repeat my propose from two years ago like Edwuard Snowden has done yet himself:

    * “Edward Snowden has distributed encoded copies of documents as protection in case “anything happens to him”

    You can send out a lot of pgp/gpg encrypted files with a single mail to Cryptome/Wikileaks and others AND not share the strong decryption key with them. Please you may want to reconsider this precede.

    What do you thing about?

    Warmest regards from your German friend


  • Cesarino Artioli

    Le mie più sentite condoglianze a la famiglia, gli amici e colleghi del Prof Sergio Focardi.
    Sebbene non abbia conosciuto il Professore personalmente, ma solo attraverso video e interviste che ho seguito sulla rete, da quando, ormai da anni, seguo l’evolvere appassionante della Vostra Rivoluzione, sento una grande tristezza per la sua scomparsa.
    Il sentimento di smarrimento per la consapevolezza che un Grande non è più fra noi, a guidarci con il suo Sapere e Intelligenza, è mitigato solo dalla certezza che Andrea Rossi sarà in grado di dare vita e compimento al loro sogno comune di energia pulita e sostenibile.
    Grazie Pofessor Sergio Focardi
    Grazie a chi porta avanti la sua visione del futuro!

  • Date: Tuesday June 25, 2013

    Mr Rossi,,,,
    While reading your notice of your friend PROF FORCARDI death;; I remembered back when you first announced your e-cat discovery,,,
    I would take the pictures of you and your friend proudly standing together and I would enlarge / magnify your faces up so that I might look into the windows of your souls by close examination of your eyes , expression and wrinkle lines in an attempt to see if you and your friend were honorable and sincere in your intentions and representations in propounding or promulgating this nearly infinite e-cat clean energy design.

    Mr. Rossi, I know not much about your friend;,,,Rather,, only of him,,, around you and the e-cat;
    And in reflecting back into the time mentioned above about your faces,,, I recall thinking to myself
    “ well paul,, they look like proud, descent and well intended men”

    My sincerest best spiritual wishes of well being and happiness for you and your close friend Mr. Forcardi, in this time of his transition, transformation or metamorphosis into unknown destinations of states;
    of “Energy in Harmony (life-a state of being)” .

    And I suggest to you, Sir,, he is not just near by you, But: Now ahead of you and us in being learned up on the E-CAT ,,, (and my EiH presumption )

    Paul D. Kendall
    It is all about energy in harmony ! Period ! (in my opinion)

    Ps.. please feel free to edit this letter of condolences at your determination…
    — Thank you so much for your continued success for mankind ( and the planet )
    — Still following you and your work as best I can…and if you need any help or loyal employees ( soldiers of believers ) please don’t hesitate to contact me…

    — I tell people everywhere I go and on talk radio… but it is hard for them to believe…and that is a mystery to me… I blame myself mostly for their not believing …. But then perhaps us dreamers are out of timing sequences for one reason or another…
    I hope you market something prior to others who no doubt are hoping to jump first.. paul d. kendall,,, Anchorage, Alaska – las Vegas, nv, and Colorado

    note: the above web site mfh2o has not been updated for 3 years now since your ecat caught my interest…

  • Andrea Rossi

    Carlo Marcena:
    I agree .
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thomas Florek:
    Thank you, excellent work.
    Warm Regards,

  • carlomarcena

    I did not know Prof. Sergio Focardi personally, but in the last three years I had with him some phone conversations that left me astonshed for his clarity and meaningfulness. A great man and scientist. Thanks Prof. Focardi, we all owe you and important piece of our future.
    Carlo Marcena

  • As the first in a series of interview segments recorded earlier this year, I have posted a short discussion of your work with your friend and collaborator Dr. Sergio Focardi. Posted in his honor with respect and remembrance.


  • Gian Luca

    Carissimo Prof. Focardi,
    Le scrivo per rendereLe merito, come ho già avuto modo di dire ad Andrea Rossi, per quanto a fatto per tutti noi. Quando le cose sembravano perse e nessuno, dico nessuno, aveva il coraggio di far uscire la parola LENR dalla propria bocca, Lei, con infinita pacatezza ed intelligenza, ne ha fatto la Sua strada. Spesso in contrasto con la disciplina di chi vorrebbe ridicolizzare tutti quelli che, come Lei, sperimentano veramente senza per questo aver paura della novità.
    Strano destino, questo delle LENR. Quasi vi fosse una maledizione a bloccare i sogni di molti. Ma questa volta, insieme ad A.R., l’avete fatto. Nulla può più sfuggire al suo destino.
    Spero che questo destino possa portare, anche postumo, un riconoscimento universale per tutto il lavoro che Lei ha svolto insieme ad Andrea e il suo staff. Anche in nome di chi,
    come Lei, non cammina più in mezzo a noi, ma passeggia nei nostri cuori e nei nostri pensieri come: Giuliano Preparata e Martin Fleischmann.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Frank Acland:
    The contribution of Prof. Sergio Focardi has been mainly in the safety issues: without hios help in this matter I couldn’t make my work; beside this, he teached to me much of the Physics I needed to know and also made all the preliminary measurements that we made on the reactors in 2007, 2008 2009, 2010. Thousands of measurements, before daring to make the first presentation in January 2011.
    In the Brasimone nuclear facility ( in the Italian Appennines, between Bologna and Florence) we made tests to measure the radiations outside the reactor at full power, in destructive tests. He mastered the situation as only he was able to do. By the way, in the same Brasimone center he had made an important experiment regarding the search of gravitons.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph Fine:
    Thank you and thanks to Matt Robinson.
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

  • Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    Thamk you for letting us know about the sad news of Prof. Focardi’s passing. I think all who support your work are aware of his involvement with the e-cat, but only you know the true measure of his contribution.

    If you don’t mind, would you be able to share what happened on ‘that day’ in the Brasimone nuclear facility?

    Best wishes and condolences to all family and friends of Dr. Focardi,

    Frank Acland

  • Joseph Fine

    Andrea Rossi & readers;

    This is by Matt Robinson. This poem doesn’t have a title, but I called it:

    Sergio Focardi: IN MEMORY I AM

    There’s a little known story, about a quiet professori
    That soon will emerge to tell
    Of his work in development, of technology so relevant
    That could save this Blue Dot from hell

    His work’s so inspired, he’ll long be admired
    By generations we’ll all leave behind
    With selfless ambition he’s brought to fruition
    A gift that might save humankind.

    With their work analytical, there’s something political
    Fermenting behind the scenes
    Some cannot conceive it, or dare to believe it
    Being blinded by dogma’s screens.

    Acting hysterical, they talk hypothetical
    ‘This Cold Fusion it never can be’
    They repeat with great eloquence, that there’s really no evidence,
    To show what they will not see.

    So Rossi and Co, and his friend, Sergio
    Stayed focussed on what they were at
    In time we’ll all know, that there is quid pro quo
    And our world will be better for that.

    And now to conclude, when historys reviewed
    And the text books have all been rewritten
    Mankind will evolve, with a greater resolve
    Thanks to Focardi, and Rossi’s young kitten.

    Thankful regards (and thanks again to Matt),

    Joseph Fine

  • Dear Dr. Rossi,

    1. Some time ago, you expressed your discontent with the contence of the wikipedia page that gives false information and false accusations against you.

    2. Long time ago, when I discussed (defending human influence in) climate change on the internet, I had similar problems, with google-searches that were manipulated towards pages with false accusations against me. It took me a long fight for many years to change that, and finally (already for some years) the situation became normal and neutral and not anymore deliberately against me.

    3. But at the moment, and already for some weeks now, my blog ( http://hetstilleverzet.blogspot.be/ ) is not shown in a google-search anymore, but before that, and more than a year or some years, my blog always was shown in a google-search for my name. So, it has changed again against me! And I don’t think that google-Amerika is doing this (because I have the impression that in the past, they even tended to promote alternative and progressive views), no, I’m almost convinced that the manipulation is done in Belgium, by the liberal (blue) elite, who normally should promote freedom and the expression of alternative views, but who, in Belgium, and in a Machiavellistic way, only seem to promote their own (financial and political) intrests. So alternative views, that at first sight doesn’t support their pockets (or are against their financial and/or political intrest), are suppressed!

    4. My blog ( http://hetstilleverzet.blogspot.be/ ) is defending your technology (a lot of pages are dedicated to it), and for the rest defends/expresses an alterative world-economic view (based on more co-operation, and less on exaggerated competition, but NOT in an extreme or Marxistic way, so my blog does not defend extreme and/or non-democratic views).

    5. Knowing that you yourself were frustrated about the contence of a wikepedia page that was deliberately not objective but dedicated against you, I hope you help me in this fight against the manipulation of the internet, just by publishing this message on this forum (JNP), even when you don’t necessarily agree with my alternative view on the world-economy. (In my case I think the manipulation of the google-search for my name is done by the liberal elite in Belgium, and NOT by Google-Amerika, who tended to defend alternative views in the past).

    P.S. To American readers: The liberal political faction in Belgium is not to be confused with the democrats in the USA, because I think that in the political spectrum of the USA, the Democrats represent more the left part of the country, promoting freedom of expression, and hopefully also freedom for all (or as many people as possible ;-). But in Belgium, we still have democratic political parties more to the left, who fight for the rights (and the freedom) of all, and not only for the elite.

    Kind Regards,

    Ir. Daniel De Caluwé,
    Flanders, Belgium.

  • Luca Salvarani

    Riposa in pace grande professore.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Gianvico:
    well said!
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Tom Conover:
    Thank you, also for the important work you are doing , very important for the work that Prof. Sergio Focardi made with me.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Eric Ashworth:
    Is a good idea.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Will Hurley:
    I agree with you.

  • Will Hurley

    God had a good plan for Master Focardi now he has other plans. The world will thank you.
    Condolence Mr. Rossi.

  • Remi Andre

    Very sad news. please accept my condolences even if I did not know this great person personally.

    RIP Prof. Focardi

    Warm Regards

  • Eric Ashworth

    Dear Andrea Rossi, Very sad news to hear of the death of Sergio Focardi. A great scientist who will be missed but not forgotten. Have you thought of providing a section/link with dedications to the past pioneers of LENR, just a thought. Regards Eric Ashworth.

  • Tom Conover

    Dear Andrea,

    My deepest sympathies for your loss. May each of us look forward to seeing our lost loved ones again, and especially one that all of us here cherish and deeply respect, Professor Sergio Forcardi.

    May God bless us all,

    Tom Conover

  • Gianvico Pirazzini

    I have known Professor Focardi since childhood; my family used to take a vacation in the same place where his family would take one and I preferred to stay with them rather than with my parents.
    At age six he taught me to play chess, a marvelous teacher.
    Over the years this tradition of ours came to an end although I would occasionally encounter him as he commuted back and forth from the physics department of the University of Bologna, his second home.
    His characteristic figure, always dressed in gray suits, was a familiar image, loved and respected.
    Fate made us meet in Fall 2011. Focardi was sitting alone at a table corner in a large warehouse full of people.
    Everyone was there to attend Ing. Rossi’s demonstration of his invention, the E-Cat.
    A strange box full of wires and tubes that rumbled while emitting vapor.
    He told me: “Hi Gianvico, I am happy you are here, this invention by Ing. Rossi will change the world.
    He encouraged me to marry this adventure and I am infinitely grateful to him.
    I am sure he is in a wonderful place now, but if he had waited a few months before departing I would not have been displeased…
    For months I have been working on the idea of a museum, a show, a dynamic exhibit that explains the magic of the E-Cat and the revolution it brings.
    I think it would be proper to name the exhibit after Focardi.
    What do you think Andrea?
    Good-bye Professor and bon voyage.

  • Joe

    My condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Prof. Focardi.


  • Pierino S.

    Sono molto addolorato per la triste notizia.
    Tante condoglianze a te Andrea e a tutti gli amici e i familiari del prof. Sergio Focardi.
    Speriamo che, almeno in futuro abbia gli onori che si è meritato.

  • Gherardo

    Le mie più sentite condoglianze alla famiglia del Prof.Focardi per questa perdita che sentiamo tutti.
    Il suo lavoro, per noi, e i migliori ricordi, per Voi, lasceranno un segno nel tempo.

  • Steven N. Karels


    I generally agree with you on your vision of the future. Given what we understand currently of eCat technology, it is best applied toward applications that require constant heat generation with relatively long turn-on and turn-off times and a temperaure output of between 120C and 350C. I would assume these limitations will be engineered out as time progresses.

    My vision is somewhat shorter. I would predict Andrea Rossi shocks the world with an electricity generation plant that produces more electricity then it consumes and can run 6 months with no refueling. An electric production plant that has no input and produces electricity — and I predict he will have a prototype secretly working by the end of this year and be third-party tested by the end of 2014. But I have been known to be wrong before. Comments?

  • Tim Graf

    What a sad message! I think we may now better understand Mr. Rossis motivation to engage in another third-party test. It is not fair that Forcardi and Fleischmann don’t live to see the world finally change due to the hard work they have done.

    Regarding the discussion whether LENR has the potential to supersede all other energy sources: I think that may happen in a rather distant future. In the short term it has the potential to replace most fossil fuel heat generation. In the medium term it will replace some fossil fuel power generation but coexist with renewable energies (they are becoming cheaper day by day and have the benefit of directly generating electricity; fossil fuels on the other hand will gain an advantage from the rebound effect). Only in the long term, when there will be LENR powered transportation (at first ships and trains, then cars and finally airplanes) and highly efficient and miniaturized electricity generation, fossil fuel and most renewables will finally be pushed aside to some niche applications.

  • Steven N. Karels

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    I am so sorry to hear this. My best wishes to his family and friends in their loss.

  • fabio82

    I’m grieved by the news. Thanks prof. Focardi.

  • Giovanni Guerrini

    Non ho conosciuto personalmente il Prof Sergio Focardi,ma dalle sue apparizioni in rete era evidente che fosse una splendida persona.La sua pacatezza portava in sè tutta la forza della Sua levatura intellettuale e morale,rivelatrice di una indole piena di rispetto ed amore per il prossimo.Le Sue scelte di ricerca poi confermano la dedizione all’umanità intera.
    Caro Andrea,sono molto scosso da questa perdita e mi unisco nel dolore porgendo le mie condoglianze a te ed ai Suoi cari.
    Ogni opera compiuta da ogni persona che si adopera per il compimento di questa tenologia,da questo momento sarà fatta anche ad onorare la memoria del caro Professore Sergio Focardi.

    Giovanni Guerrini

  • Andrea Rossi

    We all have lost one of the greatest scientists in the field of the LENR.
    For me he has been a tremendous ally, he helped our work enormously and the safety certifications that we are obtaining are the fruit of his consulting during the last 7 years. For me he has been also a teacher for Physics and Mathematics, anytime I needed his help in these matters to better understand the theory behind the effect of the E-Cat.
    He has always worked with us with total, absolute and disinterested attitude, thinking only the the interest of the Science behind the LENR.
    All the newspapers of the scientific world will say what he has been in the Scientific and University world and his enormous legacy: he has been Professor of Physics, Mathematic, he has been the Dean of the Scientific Faculties of the Alma Mater University of Bologna and the founder of the Cesena branch of the University of Bologna. His pubilcations in the fields of Mathematics and Physics are monumental.
    Now, after a long period of illness, that obviously all his friends have taken secret to respect his privacy, he ceased to suffer and starts a new duty for God under anothe form of life. I am sure he will continue to look after my work from where he is now.
    See you soon, my great Friend and Master Sergio! I will never forget our work together and that day in the Brasimone Nuclear facility.
    Yours Andrea Rossi

  • Joe


    1. What force binds the three QED quarks within the electron?

    2. What force binds a QED quark to a QCD quark to establish a bond between electron and proton within a QRT neutron?

    3. Where is the QED equivalent of the multitude of QCD mesons and baryons?

    All the best,

  • renatoestri

    Dear Andrea,
    the MSNBC Class TV program of June,13 titled “ECAT – The future energy ? – Cold fusion
    landed in Sweden”, for those interested who don’t understand italian, is now available in version with english subtitles at this link:


    Best regards

  • Andrea Rossi

    Steven N Karels:
    The COP issue has to be defined product by product, contract by contract, depending on the situations, I have already talked diffusely about it. As for what concerns the COP calculated by the Third Indipendent Party, it has been calculated to be sure beyond any reasonable doubt of the effect, therefore all the possible error margins have been calculated considering the worst possible scenario: combining all the cuts of COP due to the negative margin of error, a big bunch is gone; besides, a lower temperature has been maintained for to have a nil possibility of breakage, and so on.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Charlie Zimmerman:
    I confirm that in my opinion all the energy sources need to be combined for the vast needs of Mankind, for infinite reasons, among which jobs, strategic differentiation, fitness of single sources ( for example we can make only heat and eventually electric power) and so on.
    Warm Regards,

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