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  • Gianvico Pirazzini

    Buone vacanze.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Congratulations Dr Rossi on your monumental invention.
    The world needed some good news and you provided it.
    I am age 81 and this is was worth waiting for.
    Stay healthy and take your vitamin D.

  • Giuseppe Censorio

    Dear Andrea,
    what to say, the numbers you disclose are very meaningful and thank you for sharing it with us. Now please enjoy your vacation waiting for september. My suggestion now is please freeze all developments and research and go in production with a product. Once every body will have bought a 4KWh ECat you can sell them again a new 10 KWh ECat that in the mean time you have developed.
    Con tutta la mia stima. Giuseppe

  • Marco Serra

    Carissimo Andrea
    ho il cuore pieno di gioia. Come disse la buon’anima del Focardi circa 10 anni fà in una intervista alla TV Rete7 “… siamo di fronte a una scoperta che, per la storia dell’umanità, è paragonabile a quella del fuoco o della ruota!!!”.
    Complimenti vivissimi e grazie per il lavoro durissimo a cui ti sei sottoposto per raggiungere il tuo obiettivo. Almeno oggi, sono fiero di essere italiano.
    Che Dio ti benedica

    Marco Serra

    P.S. Goditi il tuo meritatissimo riposo, ma prima di partire per la tua vacanza, oltre a chiudere il gas, per favore assicurati che il tuo lavoro non vada perduto se, Dio non voglia, dovesse succedere qualche imprevisto.

  • Enea Romagnoli

    Caro Andrea,
    sono molto felice che tu sia riuscito a portare a questo livello di potenza l’Ecat SKL 2.0
    Hai dedicato tanti anni all’inseguimento di questo risultato.
    In questi anni la tua mente ha viaggiato nell’enorme spazio tra il nucleo e gli orbitali atomici.
    Hai imparato a conoscere un luogo poco frequentato ma pieno di tanti fenomeni da esplorare e da portare sotto il dominio dell’uomo.
    Mai mi permetterei di darti un consiglio, ma ora che la maggior parte del lavoro per lo sviluppo dell’Ecat è stato portato a termine, mi piacerebbe che nella seconda metà del tuo meritato riposo tu prendessi in considerazione la possibilità di dedicare, in un vicinissimo futuro, il tuo impegno e le tue capacità a studiare e portare a sfruttamento uno di questi fenomeni. Credo di avere intuito che almeno uno di questi potrebbe essere veramente di aiuto a ripulire un mondo inquinato per secoli a venire.
    Buone vacanze

    Dear Andrea,
    I am very happy that you have managed to bring the Ecat SKL 2.0 to this level
    You have spent many years pursuing this result.
    In these years your mind has traveled in the enormous space between the nucleus and the atomic orbitals.
    You have learned about a little frequented place but full of many phenomena to be explored and brought under the dominion of man.
    I would never allow myself to give you some advice, but now that most of the work for the development of the Ecat has been completed, I would like that in the second half of your well-deserved rest you would consider the possibility of dedicating, in a very close future, your commitment and your ability to study and exploit one of these phenomena. I think I guessed that at least one of these could really help clean up a polluted world for centuries to come.
    Happy holiday

  • Brice

    Dear Dr. Andrea! This is really great news. This is not only your dream come true, this is also the dream of the many hundreds of followers who have been following you for years. This is going to be a world revolution. Will it also improve reliability? I hope it will come on the market very soon, I can’t wait. This is really great, you’re a genius! Congratulations!

  • Joseph Fine

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    I think Chi-Miigwetch is Ojibwe (Native American) for a Great Thank you.


    I don’t know Ojibwe, but it sounds like Gitchee Gumee (Large water/Lake) in “The Song of Hiawatha”

    Lake Superior is supposed to be the famous Gitchee Gumee (Gitchigami).

    And you deserve a ‘Great Thank you’ for your efforts and accomplishments (other than, perhaps, Tennis).

    We will be waiting to learn more, although you deserve a break for a few weeks.

    Probably, in a few days, you will miss the effort and the tension of the challenge.

    Meanwhile, Congratulations!

    Joseph Fine

  • Henrik

    Haha. I’ve followed the comments on this blog since 2012, and this must be the first time the word ”vacation” appears (apart in suggestions from concerned readers).
    I reckon this to be fantastic news.
    Looking forward to september.
    Happy Holidays!
    B r H

  • Xavier Pitz

    Dear Andrea,

    Congratulations for this incredible achievement !
    I was expecting good news but this is amazing :) !!!
    During this difficult period of time, this is definitely the kind of good news people need to hear.
    We have the chance of being JoNP readers and thus we get such information before anybody else, but now the rest of the world needs to know…
    I hope the COVID19 situation will positively evolve and make a public demo be possible before the end of the year.

    During the last weeks I read your researchgate paper again. I am very far away for being able to understand everything…
    The term “polarization” is not mentioned very often in your paper but I think it is playing an important role in how/how much the electrical energy can be harvested from the “Rossi effect”.

    For other readers who are interested in an introduction to quantum physics and are interested in learning more about light polarization I would recommend to watch the following two YouTube videos :

    Bell’s Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox
    –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcqZHYo7ONs

    Why Sugar Always Twists Light To The Right – Optical Rotation
    –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=975r9a7FMqc

    I find the second one particularly interesting because it explains how, depending upon the sugar (glucose) concentration that is mixed in water one can “twist” the polarization of the light that passes through it.
    The italian readers will also particularly appreciate how Steve Mould explain this twist by making the analogy between the handiness from the glucose molecule with fussilis pasta :) .

    I follow you since 2011 and I think it is the first time that I hear the word “holidays” coming from you.
    Again, congratulations, and enjoy your well deserved holidays !

    Best Regards,

    Xavier Pitz

  • Andrea Rossi

    Ronald Stringer:
    Thank you ! What does mean “Gichi miigwetch” and which language is it ?
    Warm Regards,

  • Gberra

    Congratulations Andrea ! Fantastic ! By comparison the latest Tesla model 3 battery weighs, 478 kg, has a volume of 188L and carry’s 75kwh. Your ecats produces 3.87 Kw in a volume of 8 L ie 90 Kw in 188L , ( excluding the volume of the controller ). Ie in 1 hour the Ecats would produce more electricity than the amount contained in the entire battery pack.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Greg Leonard:
    Thank you for your sustain,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Sure I did, but a publication is premature because the setup did not have covers, to facilitate measurements and corrections if necessary, so the images are very restricted. We will make photos that can be publicable soon.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thank you for your kind attention to the work of our Team,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Daniel G. Zavela:
    Thank you for your kind sustain,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thank you,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph Fine:
    Inventario = inventory
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Many thanks from me and our greta Team,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph Fine:
    “accettare con beneficio d’inventario” in English is ” to accept with benefit of inventory “.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Chuck Davis:
    Let me remind the disclaimer: I think we did it, now we need confirmation.
    Thank you for your sustain,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Manuel Cilia:
    yes, the heat can be used as usual.
    Thank you for your attention,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thomas Floreck:
    Very nice, thank you !
    Warm Regards,

  • Stephen

    Dear Andrea Rossi.

    This is really great news. I’m quite honestly stunned but in a good way.

    It seems your car liked her mat 😉

    So I won’t ask you questions today.

    But I will wish you a good and well deserved holiday!



  • Andrea Rossi

    Martyn Aubrey:
    Thank you for your kind sustain,
    Enjoy your holidays you too,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thank you !
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Raffaele Bongo:
    The heart rate was very high, I was very afraid of a failure, because i invested big money in this operation. Not to mention the necessity to counterbalance the defeats in tennis.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    The last version is more complex by orders of magnitude as well as the performance.
    Thank you for your kind sustain,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Gerard McEk:
    Thank you for your kind sustain. Yes, I will continue to answer on this blog.
    Warm Regards,

  • Gerard McEk

    Dear Andrea,
    Congratulations with this extraordinary achievement!
    I hope you will tell us more details of why 10,000 connections had to be made to make this happen, in the future.
    For now, please have a rest to consider this masterpiece and the consequences.
    Just to for us to understand the intensity your holidays: will you still be answering questions the coming weeks?
    I’m looking forward for the confirmation.
    Kind regards, Gerard

  • Patrick

    Congratulations Andrea,

    Please enjoy your holidays. Even geniuses need a break every now and then. Although I “worry” that you’ll come back with more ideas for how to make it even better, and that would delay our curiosity satisfaction even further.

    Couple of question if I may: how much more complex is this version of the SKL compared to the previous one, in terms of connections, for example? And how much better is it performance wise?

    Warmest regards,

  • Raffaele Bongo

    Hello A. Rossi
    I wish you a good, well-deserved vacation. All my admiration for the work you have provided despite the cloudy period due to covid 19.
    I am impressed with the values ​​you posted today and hope this generator will be marketable quickly although there are still many essential steps to take.
    What was your heart rate when you started the E-Cat?

    Take care of yourself and after this victory will suffer a good loss in tennis.
    Best regards


  • Lars

    Dear Andrea

  • Martyn Aubrey

    Dear Dr Rossi,

    Greatest Congratulations to you on achieving “Tesla’s Dream”.

    Wonderful News, You Have Made History Today!

    You most certainly deserve your holiday break now, but I think that you will still be working on the Ecat, if only in your mind.

    Relax for a while, if you can, and we will all look forward to more excitement in September.

    All the Best,
    Martyn Aubrey

  • Congratulations!

    It IS a masterpiece…each day is a masterpiece!


    (it’s not a new song, but still celebratory.)

  • Dr Rossi
    Please let me be one of the first to congratulate you. I know what it is like to see your child take there first steps and then after a while begin to run.
    I presume we can use the waste heat for heating water either for hot water or hydronics, nothing is wasted.Also is the electricity DC.
    Again thank you and take your break.

  • Chuck Davis

    Congratulations Andrea! That means that an all electric residence can be powered by a suitcase sized ecat! Wow! That’s great news!

    Warm regards,
    Chuck Davis

  • Joseph Fine

    Dear, AR

    Aha, to take it with a grain of salt.


    Joseph Fine

  • Mason

    Dear Andrea,

    Congratulations to you and Team Rossi on the excellent results.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Mason Ainsworth

  • Joseph Fine

    Dear AR,


    Joseph Fine

  • Grazie Andrea,
    forse Dio in questi tempi difficile ha voluto ancora osare all’Umanità un meraviglioso segno della Sua benevolenza.
    Se ciò è vero ha usato Te come Suo strumento.
    Fraternamente ti abbraccio.
    Non so aggiungere altre parole.

  • Dear Dr. Rossi:

    Congratulations on your successful test of the Ecat SKL.
    Your success has exceeded my dreams from 1989 as to what “Cold Fusion” could do for us.
    Glad your inspiration and perspiration have paid off for you.

    You made an amazing statement: “We should possibly have an electric engine with infinite autonomy, it seems. We’ll see.”

    Best of luck with your future work.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel G. Zavela

  • Grazie Andrea,
    forse Dio in questi tempi difficili ha voluto ancora dare all’Umanità un meraviglioso segno della Sua benevolenza.
    Se ciò è vero ha usato Te come Suo strumento.
    Fraternamente ti abbraccio.
    Non so aggiungere altre parole.

  • Dear Andrea,
    what you write is really stunning, in numbers, dimensions, power density: you deserve this ideal crown over your monumental 20-years work.
    If you’ll show this invention to the world, 2020 will not be remembered as the covid year…
    My heartest congratulations !

  • Sam

    Hello DR Rossi
    Congratulation on your success.
    Did you take Pictures
    of the test?
    Have a good holiday.


  • Greg Leonard

    Dear AR,
    Fantastic result.
    Sleep well.

  • Ronald Stringer

    Dr. Rossi,
    Holy cow. This is verging on the miraculous! Have a good rest, I don’t think you will get much rest once this device is revealed. I hope that is soon!
    Congratulations, thank you on humanity’s behalf. Gichi miigwetch, as my ancestors would say.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Aleksei Savchenko and All Readres of the JoNP:
    Just finished now my job of today, started early this morning at 5.30 A.M.
    In September, Covid 19 permitting, we will have an important third party nominated by a Partner that will control the measurements remaking them.
    Therefore for now you are just taking my word, right or wrong as it might be, albeit I think I am right.
    The new Ecat SKL is the masterpiece of my life. It works in closed loop and generates the electric energy to fuel itself, plus generates 4 kWh/h of electric energy. I consumed only 130 Wh/h to flow away the thermal energy that is irradiated from the Ecat ( about 1 kWh/h of thermal energy is in total emitted ).
    The volume of the Ecat reactor is in total 100 cubic cm, while the whole is contained in a heat dissipator box whose dimensions are cm 20 x 20 x 20, plus we have outside it the control box, which is extremely complex and does not dissipate heat thanks to passive cooling systems that are very efficient.
    More work has to be done, but now for a couple of weeks I will take my holidays, because I am very tired.
    A big step forward has been done. We should possibly have an electric engine with infinite autonomy, it seems. We’ll see.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thank you for your very kind sustain: in minutes I will give information.
    Warm Regards,

  • LilyLover

    Dear Andrea,
    May the best of luck bring your monumental work to fruition, with first large-fruits.
    Luck favors those that do the hard work.
    I’ve not known any modern Scientist that has worked as hard as you did.
    You are a beacon of hope for humanity.
    May the cat meow happily with amazing results.
    Waiting for the E-Cat SKL2.0’s results like a skilled curious cat.
    Q1. After the results of today, did you celebrate with Dom Perignon?
    Take care. & Best of luck!

  • Aleksei Savchenko

    Dear Andrea,
    You words “closing the loop” and “feeds itself” sound like a poem, although there is no rhyme in them.
    I wish you and your Team to conduct your experiments calmly, slowly and even casually. And then set the next goal – for example, transmutation of elements, and consistently move towards it. The main thing is not to stand still.
    And we will all be observing with pleasure this exciting process of scientific creativity from the outside.
    Best regards,

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