A new energy – Abstract


Sergio Focardi – Physic Department Bologna University and INFN Bologna Section (ITALY)
Andrea Rossi – Leonardo Corp. (USA) – Inventor of the Patent


A process (international patent publication n° WO 2009/125444 A1) capable of producing large amounts of energy by a nuclear fusion process between nickel and hidrogen, occurring below 1000 K, is described. Experimental values of the ratios between output and input energies obtained in a certain number of experiments are reported. The occurrence of the effect is justified on the basis of existing experimental and theoretical results. Measurements performed during the experiments allow to exclude neutron and gamma rays emissions.

Sergio Focardi
Andrea Rossi

102 comments to A new energy – Abstract

  • Andrea Rossi

    Absolutely YES ! By the way, I have a recurrent dream of tesla that shows me the Ecat illuminating a town…
    Warm Regards,

  • John

    Dr Rossi,
    I understand that the Ecat SKL can be also a provider of light with a very high COP, correct ?
    All the best,

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