Some experiments that shook the World

Sankar Hajra
Calcutta Philosophical Forum, Salt Lake,
AC -54, Sector-1, Calcutta – 700 064, INDIA
To know whether a fuel isp roper fuel or not is to determine whether the fuel gives off greater amount of energy when it is used than the energy involved in making the fuel from raw natural materials.
A huge amount of energy is obtained when Hydrogen or thermite (a mixture of powdered Aluminium and oxide of iron) is burned.
But energy obtained from combustion of those fuels is not greater than the energy spent to make them from natural resources.
Therefore, Hydrogen and thermite cannot be treated as proper fuels.
Electricity could be readily generated from combustion of those fuels, but, electricity made from those fuels must be more expensive than electricity made from coal or petroleum.
According to Einstein’s  E=mcˆ2  formula, 1Kg of any material (preferably Uranium) will give 9×10ˆ16  joules, or  2×10ˆ16  calories, of  heat energy through complete nuclear reaction.
[E = mcˆ2 = 1 x (3 x 10ˆ8)ˆ2 joules = 20 x 10ˆ12 kilocals = 20 trillion kilocals]
If that would be true, then powerful states around the world would not compete for oil in the deserts of Arabia.
If one ton of Uranium of someton ‘Little Boy’ bomb could take part in the so-called nuclear reaction, then some million of square miles of the world would burn, instead of only 1.7 square miles of Hiroshima.
It not at all possible to give supply of electricity to the people from so-called nuclear fuels at a cost lower than fossil-fuel electricity for the reasons stated above.
However, it is possible to give ontological lectures on nuclear fission/fusion or to earn immense money from so-called nuclear projects.

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  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Magnus Holm:
    Thank you, is a useful document.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Gio:
    No further publications until the indipendent report which wilol be published (If the peer reviewing will be positive) at the beginning of February.
    Warm Regards,

  • gio

    dear Ing.Rossi

    No surprise for christmas?

    I still have hope.

    Merry Christmas.


  • Magnus Holm

    Below is a new source of the Swedish Transmission with English Subtitles.!

    Best Regards,
    Hydro Fusion

  • Andrea Rossi

    Here is the video of a professional and honest transmission from the Television of Sweden:
    Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Mario:
    I have been forbidden to publish anything before the publication of the third party report.
    I too am anxious to read it.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  • Mario

    Dear Andrea,
    I’m sorry to appear so impatient, but with the end of the world coming (tomorrow standing to Maya) and Christmas just around the corner, the world is waiting your gifts 🙂
    Can you share some picture of the Hot Cat being tested during last weeks? and, just because it’s Christmas, may be you can let go some pages of the third party report, while we expect for the third party validation..

    In any case, Merry Christmas and a HotCatting New Year!!


  • Giovanni Guerrini

    Dear Prof Stremmenos,
    I agree with you in your ideas.
    I should add to your list of applications small electric power plants for investiment,because it would allow the creation of an “energy net” able to lower faster the price of energy and to create job.

    Regards G G

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Koen Vandewalle:
    Thank you.
    I remain in the position of Chief Scientist.
    Of course with the Partner we will increase the spin.
    The report of the test just made will be important.
    The informatic is important too.
    Warm Regards,

  • Rosemary Ainslie

    Dear Professor Stremmenos

    Thank you very much indeed for that excellent, balanced and comprehensive account of some aspects of this LENR history. It is very much appreciated.

    Kindest regards
    Rosemary Ainslie

  • Koen Vandewalle

    Dear Andrea,

    Now that the knowledge about your creation is spreading with powerfull and philosophical consistent partners, numerous variations and branches of optimizations can be developed by others.

    I want to express my gratitude for this important choice you made in favor of Humanity. It must have been difficult to make this choice after the numerous attacks and efforts of snakes and spies, whose primary target was to destroy your faith in others so that cooperation was inhibited.

    Now you have won this battle.

    Sometimes I try to imagine how an inventor could feel after this important transfer of knowledge.

    I think it sometimes feels as falling into a black hole.

    They have the power to improve the catalyst, the powder, the shapes, the controls… everything.

    This can be done without your direct and full control.

    What will be your primary occupation, for the coming weeks and months ? Are you doing mostly PR, or is the heart still in R&D. (or… do you think about retirement (joke !)) Maybe your partner can help with the developement of the home-cats too. My experience is that “certification” sometimes depends on a “reputation” too. (It shouldn’t but it does)

    Some time ago, you wrote that you could be a “flipper” if you had 6 balls. Probably, there is more rest now. If so, I hope you enjoy it.

    Is “informatic” still usefull ?

    When do you plan the cleanup of the prototypes ? You promised something. I hope we meet again then.

    Kind regards,


  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I would like to thank Prof. Christos Stremmenos for sharing his letter to To Vima with us. He made several important historical and scientific points concerning LENR.

    One that caught my eye was: apparently there are currently naval LENR reactor experiments ongoing:

    “d) Naval technology (shipping): already today there are experimental reactors on the order of megawatts of thermal power, and an operative range of six months.”

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Pietro F.:
    1- for the production of electric energy we are advanced, due to the development of the Hot Cats
    2- we did not sign new European agreements in the last period
    3- we cannot give information, so far, regarding our USA Partner, because we are under NDA
    Warm Regtards,

  • Wladimir Guglinski

    Email sent do Dr. John Arrington

    Dr. John Arrington.
    Argonne National Laboratory

    Dear John

    I discovered today the reason why the errors in the calculations of the magnetic moments of the light isotopes ( made with my new nuclear model) are growing fast with the growth of the quantity A= Z+N of nucleons.

    I supposed that the growth of A (number of protons+neutrons) could be neglibible in a small range (for instance, from A=6 in 3Li6 and A=13 in 6C13.

    Today I discovered that my supposal was wrong. There is need to introduce a correction for each isotope, by considering the formula R=1,25.A^1/3 , well-known in Nuclear Physics.

    For instance, look at the value which I had obtained when I calculated the magnetic moment of 6C13, by no considering the correction in the radius of its orbit:

    Mag mom of 6C13:

    My theory: +1,223
    Experimental value: +0,7024

    Now, with the correction of the radius with the formula R=1,25.A^1/3 of Nuclear Physics, we get:

    My theory: +0,743

    You can see the calculation in the Peswiki link where my article PART FOUR is published:

    I will work in the correction of the other carbon isotopes of that article PART FOUR in the future, because now I am working in the calculations of the magnetic moments for the isotopes of nitroben and oxygen (and also for some isotopes of 14Si and 20Ca), and I am finding very interesting results.


  • Ch. Stremmenos

    To the Readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics:
    I am not possessed from “mania of persecution”, but morally responsible of the existence DEFKALION GREEN TECHNOLIGIES and due to an equal information in English language.

    « Dear Mr. Karakousis (Chief Editor, TO BHMA)
    In your authoritative newspaper To Vima (Sunday Dec. 2nd 2012), I read with some delay and a modicum of pleasure the article In-House Fusion by Mr. Kafantaris (I believe he meant “In-House Cold Fusion”), which, despite some incomplete and incorrect information (perhaps bordering on misinformation, though by no fault of its author), contributes nonetheless to the task of bringing your readers up to date, while promoting useful discussion on such an important matter.
    Despite the deafening silence of the more important global media, a political and scientific thriller is taking place, and its interest is absolutely exceptional.
    The referenced documents on cold fusion in my possession (I began working in this field of research in the early nineteen-nineties, and still do so today) indicate that many things have happened in the past two years, showing that we are truly on the eve of a technological revolution, which will produce a scientific, economical and political impact of world-wide magnitude.
    I cannot understand why, in Kafantaris’ article, no mention was made of the contribution by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, the two cold fusion pioneers who first observed the phenomenon in 1989. The persons interviewed also omitted all reference to the merits of Andrea Rossi who, with the scientific advice of Sergio Focardi, developed the first working device known as the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer). This apparatus is constantly being upgraded: in its current version it yields one megawatt of thermal power with just a few grams of nickel and hydrogen, and is already certified and commercially available.

    A careful perusal of Mr. Kafantaris’ article would tempt me to propose (from a research scientist’s point of view, of course) a more appropriate title, something like “Cold Fusion GREEK STYLE”, given my well-established acquaintance with the characters that were pursuing it.
    Unfortunately, whenever scientific innovation envisages potential material profit, it becomes mere speculation, and ceases to become objectively appreciated, or correctly and impartially classified within the value scale of science and culture.
    I prefer not to yield to the temptation of commenting on the contents of the article, though I would have much to say, both in terms of business ethics and scientific calibration, for the sake of what is due to readers of an authoritative paper such as To Vima, who expect to read the truth, untainted by “shifty” statements and fantasies not grounded on a scientific facts. I do however grant the author the extenuating circumstance of being made a victim (one of many — I am one myself) of a consolidated devious methodology.
    I will therefore casually limit myself to just two points, of what is commonly called of the “eye-popping” kind.
    1. Defkalion’s “apprentice sorcerers” categorically state that cold fusion is a … chemical phenomenon … caused by nuclear transmutations! A new self-contradicting theory that even schoolchildren would reject.
    2. The silencing of Greece’s involvement in the matter: Greece, at the government level, was keenly interested in the Rossi-Focardi technology, whereas your acquaintances deliberately ignored all previous developments, and boasted with megalomaniacal arrogance of their “wielding the world-wide scepter (!) of the development” of this technology.
    These events actually began in 2009, when my friend and colleague Prof. Sergio Focardi informed me of the recent progress in the field of cold fusion, some time after his leave of absence and subsequent retirement.
    I began working together with Focardi on this subject at the University of Bologna as far back as 1990. Our collaboration was admirable, independent and complementary, and allowed us to obtain concrete experimental results which assured us of the existence of the phenomenon and the production of excess energy. So much so that, in those days, I wrote a long article for your newspaper under the heading Cold fusion — the energy of the poor.
    Anyhow, in 2009 I met Focardi and he informed me in great detail on the latest developments, and of the decisive contribution of Andrea Rossi, who introduced a catalyst in the system, capable of greatly enhancing the energy yield of nickel-hydrogen cold fusion.
    I suggested to Rossi and Focardi the possibility of developing their promising technology in Greece, both in terms of further research and, in a later phase, industrial application, and my proposal was favorably received.
    Rossi, with unconcealed hellenophily, was the most ardent supporter of the idea: he said it would have helped Greece, spurred innovation, and created jobs, reversing the trend of a looming recession.
    These matters were taken up at the highest levels of the Greek government in the course of 2010. I must say that I found a very positive and sincere interest there, subsequently dampened by the problems which had begun to emerge and the country’s growing predicament. In particular, I was later informed, the most negative role was played by obstructionism on the part of the (incompetent) “persons in charge” of Greece’s research and technology, who deliberately disregarded a directive, given in an official meeting, to collaborate with the present writer to promote the Rossi-Focardi technology on the national level.
    In that climate of uncertainty and indifference, Nobel Laureate Seferis’ words seemed even more poignant — “Wherever I travel, Greece always wounds me”.
    I consulted with Rossi, and we took into account the offer of builder Alexandros Xanthoulis to develop the technology in Greece and in the Balkans. It was obviously second choice to the original proposal, but Government circles assured us that “it was possibly even better! Private industry is more flexible and has less red tape” (which would be true, if the entrepreneurs were reliable). In any case, we accepted the proposal, and in a relatively short span of time a demonstration of a small (2.5 kW) reactor was staged in Bologna, confirming the apparatus’s specifications (measurements were independently effected by Mr. Xanthoulis’ partners). About two months later, in Athens, an agreement was signed between EFA Srl, the firm which held the responsibility of dealing with the technology in Europe, and the new ad-hoc Greek company, Defkalion Green Technologies. Among the provisions of the contract were: (1) the establishment of a R&D timeline in the course of which Rossi was held to continue his work, until completion of industrial production, and (2) the obligation on the part of Defkalion to pay a first installment of intellectual property fees to Rossi, concurrently with the positive results of a test of the reactor to be held in a Greek University.
    Unfortunately, Defkalion Green Technologies did not meet their financial obligations. After about eight months of shoddiness and delays, Rossi denounced and annulled the contract.
    This is the real reason behind the rift and “divorce” — not the veiled and unfounded motivations which were told to Kafantaris!
    I was later informed by friends that, while the contract was pending, DGT, lacking financial means of their own, were negotiating pre-sales of Rossi’s technology — a technology which they did not have!
    So far, the story was disgraceful enough — but on account of the media storm which it was subjected to on the part of DGT’s blog and other means of information — last but not least the article in To Vima — all limits of decency and professional ethics were breached.
    Initially, and without having anything tangible to show for it, DGT claimed that they had “lifted” the technology from Rossi (public declaration by A. Xanthoulis), and that they were designing their own home-use model, styled “Hyperion”.
    Subsequently, a different version was given: an in-house technology was being developed by an elusive group of scientists and researchers, and all sorts of amazing results were being leaked out (in the mean time, they were waiting for Rossi to publish some innovative news which they might take over, and inflate to enormous proportions).
    Finally, I read in Kafantaris’ article the formulation of arrogant theories based upon what I had spoken about for a layman’s audience three years before, after dinner (between cheese and dessert, in a manner of speaking), now paraphrased by them in a “science for the everyman” terminology.
    Enough about Defkalion.

    As a closing comment, I would like to convey to your readers a message of optimism: I am absolutely certain that in a few years we will speak of oil as of that raw material which we make plastic and textiles out of! A huge circle will have been closed, the one which began in Greek mythology with the adventure of the Titan Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods in the name of humankind, a timeless symbol of the conflict between the development of energy and “the powers that be” (Theoi!). It underscores the enormous importance held, when the goal is development, by an equitable human culture and society; and how this contrasts sharply with the privileges of an oligarchy enthroned in the global Olympus.
    Until the mid-20th century, humanity drew chemical energy from the outer shell of the atom (electrons), rather than from its nucleus. The combustion of wood and fossil fuels — oil, coal, etc. — is the production of energy from chemical means, which is one million times less efficient than the energy produced in the nuclei of atoms (I would advise Defkalion’s so-called “researchers” to take this distinction into consideration). Only in the stars and the sun, where the right physical conditions (gravity) are available gratis, is nuclear energy released (quasi) spontaneously. By induction, this energy is exploited on earth in various ways (chlorophyll biosynthesis, wind, solar power, and hydroelectric power — why, the very existence of mineral fuels, such as oil and coal, stems from the nuclear energy from the sun, stored in well-known geological eras).
    At the end of World War II, as a result of Einstein’s prediction (ΔΕ = Δm.C2), men obtained energy on this earth by drawing it from the nuclear storage tank — but it was used to exterminate their fellow men (Hiroshima and Nagasaki!).
    The Italian scientist Enrico Fermi mitigated this curse, and developed a technology which allows a peaceful use of nuclear energy — not devoid of problems of its own (Chernobyl, Fukushima, radioactive waste).
    Today we have the concrete possibility of extracting nuclear energy in a friendlier manner, easier on humans and the environment, by means of COLD FUSION.
    In the past two years CF has grown beyond the experimental phase, through the contribution of those who, with quiet determination, little material resources, and merely moral incentives, continued their work and research, in order to reach the “revolutionary” point, in which the production of clean, unlimited and low-cost energy becomes feasible. Now, the responsibility is being handed over to science and an honest entrepreneurship, for the good of humanity and in order to confront the current economic and environmental crisis.
    In an initial phase, the appropriate applications of CF technology may be seen as follows:
    a) Agriculture, hydroponics.
    b) Desalinization plants for our islands.
    c) Domestic uses (heating, air conditioning, self-sufficient home power management).
    d) Naval technology (shipping): already today there are experimental reactors on the order of megawatts of thermal power, and an operative range of six months. When the relevant technological problems are solved (thermal durability of materials!) it will be possible to substitute the power plants of ships both large and small.
    e) Large scale electric power plants: steam is being produced at ever-increasing temperatures, and will soon reach a level capable of generating electricity.

    In this phase of the new energy age, Greece will be able to play an important role thanks to its deposits of nickel ore; but also in the field of innovation in naval propulsion systems, by creating the relevant know-how in its shipyards, and applications on a world-wide scale. Our human potential in science and technology, both in Greece and abroad, will give our country the chance to proceed, on its own and by means of this technology, towards a truly sustainable development … Yes We Can!
    These efforts should receive the proper attention and encouragement both on the part of our Government and the whole political spectrum, and of the business world.
    Let not then the land of Democritus and Leucippus miss the epochal opportunity of defying the energy shibboleths of this planet!

    Prof. Christos Stremmenos
    University of Bologna (ret.)
    Former Ambassador of Greece to Italy

  • Pietro F.

    Buongiorno ing. Rossi,
    le chiedo cortesente un piccolo aggiornamento e qualche info:
    1 a che punto siamo con la produzione di energia elettrica?
    2 ha firmato, in questi giorni, altri contratti con partner europei?
    3 il vostro partner americano é una multinazionale o opera esclusivamente negli Usa?

    Grazie, buon lavoro e buone feste

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Sverre Haslund:
    Yes, good program the one of SWT. Honest, sincere, objective: as they are, usually, in Sweden.
    True: the market is the sole examiner that really counts.
    Warm Regards,

  • Sverre Haslund

    Dear Mr. Rossi,

    I just watched the SWT swedish science program ‘Vetenskapens værld’, where you and the e-cat story play a major role.
    The program was very interesting and well balanced and manages to get your message out; that the eternal discussion if the e-cat works or not is pointless. This question will be answered by the market.


    Sverre Haslund

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
    1- USA
    2- Thank you
    Warm Regards,

  • Gentile ing. Rossi è possibile sapere dove verrà istallato l’Hot-Cat? In Italia oppure negli USA? Se in Italia in quale area? Complimenti per la sua filosofia, le fà onore!!

    Dear ing. Rossi is impossible to know where it will be installed the Hot Cat? In Italy or in the U.S.? While in Italy in which area? Congratulations on your philosophy, makes honor!

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear H. Hansson:
    I cannot anticipate what is the result of the report, because it is totally indipendent from me.
    Warm Regards,

  • H. Hansson

    Dear Rossi,

    You have off course got a preliminary report from the tests. So, did it work beyond expectations (good) or was it a close call (OK, but not as good COP as assumed).

    Please advice..

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Gherardo:
    In Italy we will maintain a R&D Center and the production of prototypes.
    Warm Regards,

  • Giovanni Guerrini

    ….perfect philosophy!

  • Gherardo

    I did have an hope that with your invention Italy could have a major role in production and development of a breakthrough technology.
    I’m quite sad because Italy has inventors but money and production goes adroad and we’ll have to be migrants again.
    What is the new situation for Italy’s jobs after the invention sale to US?
    Thanks, Gherardo

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Frank Acland:
    The philosophy of our USA Partner and of us is based on the following 4 pillars:
    1- this technology has to be consolidated and put at the service of Mankind
    2- industrialization of the manufacturing must reach low prices to lower the cost of energy in the World
    3- give back the money we earn as much as possible to cure cancer in children in the World
    4- produce good jobs
    Warm Regards,

  • Frank Acland

    Dear Andrea,

    You speak about your new partner sharing your philosophy. Could you provide a brief synopsis of what that philosophy is?

    Thank you, and best wishes,

    Frank Acland

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Georgehants:
    Facts have given evidence I am right.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Mr Rossi has now twice said that “I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.”
    After 60+ years of observing human nature I hope that his assessment is justified.
    Andrea Rossi
    December 16th, 2012 at 4:54 AM
    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Thank you very much, and I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Thank you very much, and I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.
    Warm Regards,

  • eernie1

    Dear H. GILLIS,
    If you are looking at neutron synthesis as an explaination for LENR,I would suggest that you consider neutron synthesis within the nucleous rather than externally in the atomic lattice configuration.This can be accomplished by the creation of conversion electrons.For those not familiar with conversion electrons,they are 1S electrons forced into the nucleous by a strong external negative field imposed on an atom.In all the experimental methods utalized in reported over unity results,that I have studied,there is a common theme seen in the methods.A negative field is created either by ions(H-,D-),electron clusters(discharges,sparks,)or free electron concentrations(plasma,electrolysis).These fields are further energized by imposing additional thermal,pressure or EM forces.Atoms in a lattice are more easily entered since the lattice bonds prevent recoil reaction to the electron entering the nucleous.
    When the electrons enter the nucleous,they can stimulate a nuclear isomer(excited proton or neutron)back down to its ground state with the emission of an electron and a neutrino from the nucleous.There also is a small probability for the emission of a gamma photon.These events have been experimentally verified.The emitted electrons can be verified because their emission spectra are much wider than Beta electrons or Auger electrons which have fairly narrow spectra.The displaced 1S electron are then replaced by higher level electrons in an exothermic form since they are moving from a higher energy level to a lower level.There is also a small probability that the electron that enters the nucleous can transform one of the interior protons into a neutron thereby causing a transmutation of the mother atom.There are many theoretical existing isomers and many possible branching decay paths within various atoms.
    I am not claiming that this is the mechanism creating LENR.I am just offering another possible explaination which does not violate accepted physics dogma.

  • Eric Ashworth

    Dear Herb Gillis,

    Regards your question to the readers of J.O.N.P. You mention neutron synthesis from the interaction of protons and electrons in a metal lattice. Absent of the matalic lattice the reaction synthesis is energetically very unfavourable. However has it been established that the protons together with electrons and their neutrons enter the metalic lattice?. I believe that the neutron is a product of the proton and the electron. The proton and electron is, I believe, a foundational unit/units of structure i.e. atomic. The neutron is a communicator between these two units of power. I think the neutron serves in the binding force make-up within structure or you could say a transformer of energy. When structure disintegrates it does so via its neutrons by collapsing in from both units of power. To put this into geometry, the protons are the centralized points of fusion power, the electrons are the circumferential points of fission power and the neutrons are the radial potentials of communication. From my own reasoning lightning is the result of power collapse/neutralization outside of structure via neutron decay. Atoms, I believe, are closed circuits of transforming energy that bounce around in loops and as long as the atom does not enter a more positive environment it will remain intact due to the stability of its two units of power. Therefore, my own assumptions are that neutrons without their units of power being present will disintegrate or you could say when the fusion units neutralize with their fission units, neutrons cease to exist by disintegrating rapidly as measerments of heat. Has anybody any other ideas because like Herb Gillis I believe this understanding of neutrons is paramount to the understanding of atomic physics and LENRs. A metalic lattice, I believe, serves as a destabilizing environment and receptacle of positive charged particles with the right set-up. This is my take on the subject and I like many others will have to waite for the official version on LENRs. My question now is to Andrea, do you think LENR technology will ever be explained to the general public or will it remain a mystery outsid the domain of a few people. Regards Eric Ashworth.

  • Giovanni Guerrini

    Dear Mr Rossi, I think that we all hope you keep the control of the industrialization and marketing of the technology,because we have faith in you and in your philosophy.

    Regards G G

  • Valac

    Dear Marco Serra,

    If your fears include sole military applications and deadly weapon program developments, then I share your feelings.

    Time will tell

    Kind regards,


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Marco Serra:
    Our Partner shares our philosophy.
    Warm Regards,

  • Marco Serra

    Dear Ing Rossi
    I’m getting a bit afraid about the future of the ECat techology after you stated that Leonardo Corp has been sold to your BIG partner in USA.
    Is this an exclusive partnerhip in the sense that no other BIG partner can enter in the ECat business in the future ?
    How can you (and we) be sure that the BIG patner will not eat the small Andrea Rossi ideals and start to behave like the worst company like SPECTRE ?
    I think you made a tremendous discovery, that can be used in good and bad way. Each having a tremendous impact on the human race.
    Can you please shed some light on my fears

    Best regards

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Fabio 82
    I do not know.
    Marry Christmas to yoy

  • Fabio82

    Dear Andrea,
    First of all congratulation for your progress.
    Do you expect an internation media announcement about the implication of your tecnology after the third party report or the same media silence concerning lenr results?
    Good luck and happy christmas!

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Bernie Morissey
    Nothing changes for all our existing engagements.
    Warm regards

  • Bernie Morrissey

    Andrea Rossi
    Congratulations on all your recent advancements and the signing of a partner. Your work will make tremendous changes to mankind. Very early I added my order for an ECAT. Will the partnership have an affect on the previous orders? Thank you for all you have done. I hope and pray that this technology will be able to help all the very needy people in the world.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Georgehants:
    The results will be published in end January or first week of February. Maybe you do not believe, but I do not know what they will write.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Koen Vandewalle:
    We made tests with the consultants and the engineers of the Partner after the signature of a contract with strong guarantees for both parties. I trusted them, they trusted me: their intentions were honest and my instinct told me they were not here to spy, but for real will of working with our technology. This fact cracked the nut.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Dear Mr. Rossi, can you confirm that the tests have been successful and you are happy with the results.
    Best wishes.

  • Herb Gillis

    Many of the LENR theories involve “neutron synthesis” from the interaction of protons and electrons in a metal lattice. Absent the metal lattice the neutron synthesis is energetically very unfavorable, and free neutrons decay rapidly (half life 10.3 min.). So; if the neutron synthesis explanations of LENR are correct, it implies that the neutrons within the metal lattice (that are not strongly bound to the metal nucleii) are more stable than free neutrons outside the lattice. If it is possible to measure the half life of neutrons implanted in a metal lattice (from an external neutron source), then it might be possible to verify the neutron synthesis hypothesis. It might also be possible to conduct screening of materials as candidates for the LENR effect (ie. the more the life of externally supplied neutrons is extended by the lattice, the more likely it will exhibit an LENR effect). I have not been able to find any references to the measurement of (externally injected) neutron lifetimes in solid materials. Does anyone know if this has been done?

  • Koen Vandewalle

    Dear Andrea,
    What did convince your Partner ?
    Did they buy a prototype, or do some private tests in your laboratory ? It cannot have been tested for a long enough time, I believe. Some months ago, you stated that Hot-Cat was still prototype and R&D.
    You kept everything very secret, even for your licensees. I found this a very difficult way of gaining trust of real big partners. In fact, it could have done the opposite.
    This is strange. I really hope you are a happy man. In many ways.
    Anyway: congratulations !
    Best Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Adrian Monk:
    Yes, it is possible: next week we will send for publication some interesting photos of the Hot Cat during the tests. The photos have been taken from the thermochamber.
    The report of the test will be published between the last week of January and the first week of February. A report with the main issues and equations will be published on a scientific magazine after peer reviewing ( obviously if the publication will be accepted), a complete publication of the 200 pages report will be published in a white book because, for obvious reasons, no magazine should be able to publish a 200 pages article.
    Warm Regards,

  • Adrian Monk

    Dear Mr Rossi.
    While we are waiting for the release of the test papers, could you please post some more photos on E-CatWorld? We always like to see photos about old E-Cat, Hot-ECat (those are really something) and E-Cat Plants.
    Thank you.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Tim:
    The certification of the domestic apparatuses needs strong experience from the industrial plants to elaborate safety statistics in an environment ewhere there will not be certified operators.
    Warm Regards,

  • Tim

    Andrea Rossi,

    I know that the delivery timing of the home e-cats are in the hands of the certification agencies, but would it be reasonable to expect them to ship by next fall?

    If certification is such a problem could they be certified for outdoor use, like central air conditioner condensers?


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