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  • Robert Curto

    Dr. Rossi, why doesn’t CornFused’s Multi-Billon Dollar Company believe
    Dr. Andrea Rossi, The United States Patent Office, A Team of World Famous Scientists who completed a successful Test, not to mention a few thousand Readers, who have been watching Dr. Rossi like a Hawk every day for 5 years, and believe in him 100%, buy one Unit, and if successful buy the other 299 Units ?
    Instead they are losing money every day, sitting on their…..chairs waiting for MORE proof.
    Robert Curto
    Ft. Lauderdale Florida

  • Andrea Rossi

    Bernie Koppenhofer:
    We are preparing for that.
    By the way: what was carving Giacometti in that specific situation? You didn’t define.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dr Joseph Fine:
    Very interesting.
    Thank you,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Obviously it is not an answer here that can resolve the problem. Let us have from your Company a detailed description of your activity and necessities and we’ll make a proposal “pop” out.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Domestic? Depends mostly on the safety certifications.
    R&D is going on fast, now I have to strengthen our efforts.
    I’m afraid the mole of work will be increased strongly for the time being. F8.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Very interesting insight.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    No, I cannot comment. Only my Attorney will comment and answer to any issue related to this litigation.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your support.
    God bless you,
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Rip Van Winkle:
    Nobody will be able to stop the E-Cats if they will work well and will be competitive with the alternative solutions.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Jerry A:
    No comment.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    I cannot comment. My attorney John Annesser, Esq. is the sole person authorized to answer or comment issues related to the litigation on course.
    I am exclusively focused on the organization of our massive production of our E-Cat and on the related R&D.
    As correctly my Attorney has pointed out, the litigation will not affect the expansion of Leonardo Corporation.
    Warm Regards,

  • Wade

    Dear Dr Rossi:
    IH has bought inconsistent IP from your competitors to justify the money they got from their investors, but their investors gave them the money because they thought IH is your licensee. Obviously IH made this not to pay you. You are in the right. You will win, because you are right.
    Your complaint is terrific, now we understand that while working 18 hours per day in the plant you had also to fight against they who would be your backers. They got 60 millions from Woodford Funds: where is gone this money ? Their investors surely will be happy to know that IH has no more your license, but have the patents of your competitors none of which has ever made anything able to work. But: how could they, who were your exclusive licensees, buy and finance the technologies of your competitors ? That is absurd.
    You have a crowd of followers, just let us know what you need from us.
    I liked the last two lines of the press release of your attorney: Leonardo Corporation will not be slowed in his activity by this suit.
    With admiration,

  • Jerry A

    Dr Rossi, with COP over 10+ we would expect IH to settle this matter in your favor soon enough and all parties to move forward.

    Best Regards

  • Dear Dr. Andrea Rossi,

    Regarding the lawsuit. As I informed you earlier, big sharks are coming for your invention.

    You might never succeed with launching the ECat publicly unless you understand the priciples outlined in the documents that can be downloaded here: https://ordoabchaogame.wordpress.com/

    Faithfully Yours

    Rip Van Winkle

  • Janne

    Dear Andrea,

    I’m very sorry to hear about you being double-crossed. Hard to find people of character in this world. I know you will not publish this comment, just wanted to show my support privately.

    Best Regards,


  • Andrea Rossi

    Stefen LeBrun:
    Thank you for the links
    Warm Regards

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dan C:
    Thank you for your insight,
    Warm Regards

  • Dan C.

    To all,

    Rossi is not proposing some exotic type of thrust.
    A Jet engine is just an internal combustion engine. At the front inlet, you have a compressor that compresses air to a high density that’s channeled into the combustion chamber. At that stage, a mix of fuel and spark generates heat that rapidly expands the compressed air which exits the nozzle, thus thrust.

    The key element here is the heat produced by the fuel that can be applied from any high temp heat source that transfers it’s energy quick enough. This could possibly be supplied by the E-cat X eliminating the fuel propellant.

    Note the fuel as a propellant is only in it’s heat generation. It is the mass of condensed air which rapidly expands when heated that provides nearly all the thrust, the fuel being a miniscule part of the total. Jet engines can throughput a “ton” of air per second.

    Dan C.

  • To understand how a LENR works, you need a new atomic model.
    The new atomic model can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/earthbiblical.

  • Philip

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Can you comment the press release of your attorney?

  • orsobubu

    Ooops … I read now that friend Andreas Moraitis was very annoyed of my mistake, and rightly so because it was 2am and I was wrong to state his name, he was only replying to a previous commenter, barty, which now I’ll have lost friendship too.

    So I apologize, Andreas not only speaks italian, but he’s perhaps the most serious, accurate and informed in its contributions to this blog on a multifaceted issues (now I lost the friendship of Koen, Pekka, and many others), Andreas for example is one of the few enthusiasts also on philosophy, I remember years ago a thread (to which I contributed myself) about the epochè, in which Rossi told a very funny story happened during the discussion of his doctoral thesis on relativity and his favorite philosopher, Husserl:

    “the reason why Husserl’s Importance for the scientific approach to any issue (remember he was originally a physicist and a mathematician) is not well known is two to the extreme difficulty of his texts. Husserl to read is one of the most difficult tasks you can imagine under the intellectual point of view, Also Because His German language is very difficult to translate, translations and usually you lose part of the meaning he wants to carry With His words. I had to take lessons of German language with a specialist, to study German in the “Ideen zur einer reinen phaenomenologie phaenomenologischen und Philosophie” (I wrote improperly ‘phaenomenologie’ Because I have not the dieresis to put on the ‘a’) and only reading in German I could understand what he wrote. Also in this case, even if in the exam of Theoretical Philosophy I gave it on Prof. Enzo Paci granted me in 30/30 cum laude, I was and am convinced That I have got only a fraction of it. It is huge but very difficult; you have to stay hours on every page, otherwise its content flows on the surface of your brain like water on granite. P.S. The translation into Italian of the “Ideen” Has Been Made by Prof Enzo Paci: when During the exam I Told him to understand Enzo Paci That I had to read Edmund Husserl he laughed like crazy”

    Pondering about all of these recent events, I was considering an aspect usually neglected by followers of the blog, which mainly are interested in theoretical, technical or economic issues related to LENRs. I was thinking about the consequences on social and interpersonal relationships that the development of such a technology could bring among people, as previously said by this commentator, of which I’ll soon surely lose the friendship:

    “Gian Luca
    April 5, 2016 at 2:37 AM
    A little thing … .. the advent of technology and LENR ECAT not make it Necessary to use the much annoying summer time … .. means specially for the little ones. This is to mean That our customs and traditions will never be the same … ”

    I was therefore considering the effects that even THE SOLE POSSIBILITY of the E-cat existence brought on my personal social relations, and I must say they are catastrophic, or indeed CAT-astrophic, as Mats002 says, a friend on ECW E-Cat World site, of which now I’ll also lose the esteem very soon.

    My family, for one thing, is somewhere years considering me weird on this aspect, or otherwise weirder than before, because every time I try to involve or interest them (without any success) in this matter, well, I do not mean that the orsobubu is kept at arm’s lenght, but certainly they behave as if I had told them I believe in ghosts, wizards, UFOs or the spontaneous regeneration of limbs. Moreover, my father is invested in oil and he doeesn’t like to be said the sector has no future whatsoever. At work I have several clients in the field of architecture, construction and building renovation, an industry that is going through a period of severe crisis here in Italy, and several of them have taken the plunge on courses and services in energy efficiency; the sole reason the orsobubu mildly doubts on the validity of investing in solar panels, geothermal energy, etc. drive them crazy.

    Again, I have many friends who are researchers, teachers or simply science and technology enthusiasts, and I found a strong skepticism on the issue, so even with them, especially those professionally involved, eg teachers, things are no longer as before. I also have several friends politically coming from the democratic left, highbrows, environmentalists, vegans, animalists, etc., and I found that, with them, pushing the possible virtues of a new nuclear power system to be installed in the basement of their house is worse than sing the praises of Hitler.
    On LENR specialized forums the orsobubu is simply hated and derided by many, for the fact that I was among the first to question their certainty that automatically LENR could lead to diffuse wealth and worldwide peace in a new age of prosperity. Indeed, I have long since ceased to intervene on hardcore politics because my comments went moderated, but more usually the orsobubu is still accused of being “a barfing up dysfunctional personality with mishmash of turgid high-falutin’ sounding verbage, Marxist gobbledygook and Communist theoretical bafflegab of zero meaning”. In short, I’m treated like a dangerous revolutionary.

    About my real-world fellow revolutionaries, the relationships are paradoxically even more strained, and I’m most treated like a dangerous counter-revolutionary instead, thinking of putting idealistic ecologist instances in front of class struggle; impress upon them that the era of oil and atomic fission (seen by them almost with reverence), with all financial and geopolitical interests connected, could be on the threshold of an epochal upheaval caused by cold fusion, and that the classical doctrine of imperialism would need an urgent hotfix, it’s like an ideological backward somersault before the Enlightenment, when the king raised the drawbridges and knights roamed around the districts.

    Just orsobubu’s female friendships are in good shape, as generally they do not go to the bottom of the matter or they don’t grasp very well the question, it’s like they are glad talking about something resembling the name of a little furry cat

  • umbi

    I must change my heating system this year …. can you send me one Domestic X-CAT before next winter ?

  • CornFused

    Dear Dr. Rossi,
    I work for a multinational conglomerate. I’ve pitched your 1MW plant to my superiors, but they took a wait and see approach. This approach may seem prudent to most but I see it as getting behind the eight-ball. What evidence is there that I can present to them that will convince them of your inventions operational validity? This would be huge for both parties, as it would be 200 to 300 hundred plants for you (possibly more) and huge utility cost savings for them. Do you have a presentation ? I’ve looked on your website and don’t really see anything of that nature on there.

  • Joseph Fine

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    This Phys.org article should be interesting to you and the readers.

    You may have seen this article before in your reading.


    Researchers develop formula describing ghostly transfer of heat
    April 5, 2016 by Adam Hadhazy

    The sun’s warmth crosses millions of miles of empty space to create a summer day; a campfire roasts marshmallows from several feet away. Scientists have understood the mathematics behind this ghostly transfer of heat since the late 19th century. But that math breaks down at very close quarters—within, for example, nano-scale electronics and solar electricity cells (with components separated or spanning billionths of a meter) where heat transfer is critical.

    In a recent study, a researcher at Princeton and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a formula that describes the maximum heat transfer in such tight scenarios. Surprisingly—and encouragingly—the formula suggests that a million times more heat transfer is possible between close objects than previously thought.

    “We now have a ceiling for how much heat transfer we can expect,” said Alejandro Rodriguez, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Princeton. “The fact that this ceiling is several orders of magnitude higher than has been previously demonstrated in existing material structures is extremely promising and will motivate further studies of this phenomenon and its many applications.”

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-04-formula-ghostly.html#jCp

    Hope this information may be useful.

    Thermal regards,

    Joseph Fine

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Dr. Rossi: I do not understand, you are very pleased with the results of the year long test which I assume means the test was very economically favorable for the customer, why not simply “massively produce” the E-Cat used in the test? You remind me of my favorite sculptor, Giacometti, he carved until his wife had to take them away from him because “they became as thin as nails and reduced to the size of a pack of cigarettes”. (:

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Readers:
    Please go to
    to find comments published today on other posts of this blog.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    I just confirm what I have always said on this issue.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Albert Ellul:
    No, our strategy is totally different: we aim to go massively to the market, independently from any other involvement.
    Warm Regards,

  • Albert Ellul

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a speech, entitled “Remarks at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit” in the US Department of State’s website, in which he states:

    >>Let me be clear. Government can provide the structure, the incentives, the framework. But I know – and so do you – that it’s the private sector that will ultimately take us to the finish line. And it will be the private sector – innovation, entrepreneurial activity, maybe something we haven’t discovered yet – the breakthrough on battery storage, a breakthrough on a clean fuel burn – I don’t know what it is, but I trust in the ingenuity and the capacity of the American people and of our allocation of capital and our capacity to make this work.<<

    The full speech is found here:

    In my humble opinion it is the opportune time to drop John Kerry a line, or send him a post card. Bette still, send him a working prototype of the e-Cat x Quark. I'm sure it will make him very happy (although he would have a big problem telling his wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing friends that their tax-gobbling time is up, although in his speech he did say so much, but in a nice way.

  • Aillas

    Dear Dr. Rossi,

    You reiterate that your technology will be integrated with all the existing energy sources – but do you at least believe that it can eliminate the need for traditional nuclear power plants in the foreseeable future? If so, it would be a huge contribution to global peace and security – more specifically, to the cause of nuclear nonproliferation. Countries that seek to acquire nuclear weapons – such as Iran – justify their nuclear programs by saying that they only pursue peaceful nuclear energy in order to meet their growing demand for electricity. If the E-cat technology can make nuclear power plants obsolete, there will be no further need or justification to pursue unsafe and environmentally damaging nuclear energy programs as a cover for secretly developing nuclear weapons.

    Best regards

  • Andrea Rossi

    All your questions are related to restricted information and, by the way, the answers depend on the stage of development.
    Warm Regards,

  • LookMoo

    Dear Mr Rossi,

    You often refer to a “robotized” factory with a HUGE output as the main production asset.

    1 What does a “robotized” factory cost??.. total investment.
    2 What number of auxiliary and maintenance staff is needed to maintain 24/7 operation
    3 How much of the content in % will be handled by sub-contractors ?

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dan Galburt:
    Thank you for your insight. When the product will be massively produced, there will be no difficulty to follow your suggestions.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Nothing has been abandoned, it is basically the same thing that is in evolution.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Oeystein Lande:
    1- yes
    2- depends on many factors to be evaluated with the Customer
    3- no
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Kerl- Henrik Malmqvist:
    Thank you for your insight and information. I’ll go through it.
    Warm Regards,

  • Dan Galburt

    Dear Dr. Rossi,

    You have mentioned that the E-Cat X can generate both heat and electricity. It occurs to me that if the E-Cat X only generates heat, and that the heat radiates from surfaces at a sufficiently high temperature ( >1200 C ), then recently improved thermal photo voltaic (TPV) technology could be used to convert the radiant heat to electricity. When you talk about the E-Cat X generating electricity are you referring to combining it with TPV technology or is the electricity generated directly by some other means?

    It is reported that TPV systems can have efficiencies > 33 %, and I assume the E-Cat X has a thermal COP of > 6. The electrical COP of a thermal E-Cat X combined with TPV components would be > 2. Such a system could operate without any external electrical power source, and produce a useful amount of excess electricity. While considerable engineering effort may be required to develop such a system, I could envision such a system providing heat and electricity for my home. As a concept does this seem practical to you? Do you have an even better solution?

    A public demonstration of a small scale prototype of a combined E-Cat X / TPV system operating for an extended period of time (1 month?) without any electrical input would convince even the most hardened skeptic of reality of the E-Cat X device.

    Later this year, when I hope you might make the E-Cat X available, I am sure that a number of engineering schools would love to attempt such a demonstration. What do you think of this idea?

    Dan Galburt

  • Andrea Rossi

    Albert Ellul:
    1- possibly
    2- possibly
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Foreword: many important mass media have dedicated strong attention to our work. Probably, more appropriately, you would write ” what do you think of the fact that the majority of the most important mass media did not report ?” This question is proper.
    My answers are:
    1- 0% ( not true)
    2- 0%
    3- 0% ( please see http://www.ingandrearossi.com )
    4- 100%
    As a consequence of the above stats, only a massive production can move massively media.
    Warm Regards,

  • clauba

    Mr Rossi,
    what do you think about mass media silence reasons % ?

    1) Main universities verification lack

    2) F&P experimentations history

    3) Your old judicial issues

    4) Mass products absence

    5) Other reasons

    Best Regards

  • Albert Ellul

    Dear Ing. Rossi,

    Things are now moving very fast and with great enthusiasm by you and your team. As I understand, you have plans for the first public demo of an operational E-Cat-x-Quark and production roll out. I wish you good luck with your venture after so many years of heart wrenching experiments and negativity from the defiantly denialist media and scientific bodies.

    Permit me asking you two question:
    1-Will this year see the first commercial sales of the e-CatX Quark, industrial version?
    2-Will you have a commercial unit for sale maximum rated greater than 20kW but less than 50kW electrical output?

  • Karl-Henrik Malmqvist

    Dear Andrea,
    About propellantless thrust in a fluid (water). If the E-Cat produces pressurized steam you can lead the steam into the center of a cone that is filled with and in water. First the steam will push the water forward before collapsing (imploding) back into water phase, due to the lower temperature of the surrounding water. Then water from behind will be sucked forward into the space that a while ago was filled with steam. We have now designed a pump with no moving parts. The tricky part is to find the optimal form of the cone/spray nozzle. The efficiency will be about 20% (heat to thrust) but all the heat will be transfered into the water so the pumping will be for free if your intension is to heat the water anyway!
    This method was originally patented by an australian as a boat drive. But todays steam generators are heavy and clumsy compared to an outboard engine with the same power. But if you take into account the weight of the fuel for a long distance trip, an E-Cat driven boat with steam thrust propulsion would be much lighter.
    However the owners of this patent a Brittish company Pursuit Dynamics Inc then started to use it in the food and beverage industry for mixing, heating and pumping fluids in one step with no moving parts, only steam (sterile). After trying to sell the idea to Proctor and Gamble, Persuit changed the name and business to Gaming Realms Plc, and I don´t know if they still own the patent.
    Best Ragards,
    Karl-Henrik, Sweden

  • Øystein Lande

    Dear mr Rossi,

    Since you have recieved the report and you say you are satisfied:

    1. Are you now able to handle orders of 1MW heat plants?
    2. How many weeks from date of order to delivery of plant?
    3. Will the guaranteed COP be changed based on the ERV report?

  • Michel

    Dear Dr Rossi,

    If I understand well, your main work is currently focused on the new reactor “Ecat-X”, but what about the first Ecat (10kW unit for heating home) did you abandon it ?



  • Andrea Rossi

    Gerard MkEk:
    He’s just intrigued with time loss…let him alone!
    Warm Regards

  • Gerard McEk

    Dear Andrea,
    He, he, he, lol!
    Clearly, I am thrilled that you have focussed your R&D on boiling eggs however, somehow it seems to me that Proust is less interested in that (if he would have lived).
    Maybe you can whisper us some other interesting revelation that would have interested him?
    Thanks, kind regards, Gerard

  • Andrea Rossi

    Andreas Moraitis:
    Warm Regards

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    The „quotes“ in the post made by reader orsobubu on April 4th 2016 at 5:14 PM which contain my name are fakes. May I ask you to delete that comment, or at least the parts in question? Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Andreas Moraitis

  • Andrea Rossi

    John C Evans:
    This will depend on the geographic areas.
    Warm Regards

  • John C Evans

    Dear Andrea:

    If the ultimate goal is domestic household and mobile production of electricity do you expect there to be a complimentary fleet of entrepreneurial small businesses dedicated to the sales, installation and service of the Ecatx/Quark units? Or does your business model incorporate end user interactions?

    John C Evans

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