Excess neutron shell model of Nuclei

by Bhagirath Shantilal Joshi
Msc Solid state Physics, Gujartat University, Gujarat, India
MS Computer Engineering, Univ of Lowell, Lowell, Mass, USA

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Review of the periodic table and existing research on isotopes of the various elements of the periodic table is conducted and the attempt is made here to visualize the process of element formation.

The role of Neutron in element formation is investigated and found to be vital for existence of elements . In the new light, the new model of nucleus is proposed which explains the stability of the  nuclei and reason for multiple stable isotopes of elements.

Review of the Periodic Table

The inspection of the periodic table of elements reveal an interesting fact that for all elements other than Hydrogen, for element to be stable, number of Neutrons are always greater or equal, to the number of Protons in the nucleus.  The periodic table is analyzed with respect to the abundance in nature for the elements.

The fusion of Hydrogen to produce Helium can be envisioned as follows:

1H + 1H + 1H + 1H →  2H + 2N + 2e+ (1)

where 2e+ later annihilating to produce additional gamma radiation.

Since tremendous force is needed to keep four protons together during the formation of helium and emit 2 positrons, it is unlikely.  The mass of neutron is more than the mass of proton and this fact  alone negates the likeliness of the above scenario.

In another scenario, the formation of helium may be envisioned as four neutrons coming close together to form a stable nuclei of Helium as follows:
4N → 2N + 2P + 2e (2)
Here the mass of Neutron is higher than the Proton.  The Neutron releases electron to form proton. Also justifies the reason for the  Proton to be lighter than the Neutron.
Thus it is assumed that
  1. Neutrons are the building blocks for elements in nature.
  2. In the elements , other than hydrogen, neutron and proton form a pair (np) and keeps distinct identity.
  3. Excess neutrons stay at the center of the nuclei but keeps their distinct identity.
Using the above assumption the periodic table is analyzed by finding excess neutrons for all  stable isotopes of elements as follows:
Excess neutrons = Atomic mass – 2P where P is the number of Protons for the element
The relative abundance of Isotopes is obtained from the research papers and wikipedia and is included in the Table 1, 2 ,3. The relative abundance is indicative of the preferred state for the element (nuclei) in nature.
The following facts are found as a result of analysis:
For Odd atomic number nuclei:
  • Abundance of isotope is close to 100% when excess neutrons are odd count.
  • If the excess neutron count is even, the isotope is radio active.
  • Majority elements have only one Isotope.
  • Only Potassium has three isotopes, the one with 2 excess neutron is radio active with 0.001 relative abundance.
For Even atomic number nuclei:
  • Elements He, C, O, Ne, Mg, Si, S are close to one in abundance with no excess neutron and maximum three isotopes.
  • Element Be has one excess neutron and one isotope, 100% abundance.
  • All other higher elements require four or more excess neutrons for the element to be abundant in nature and has up to 10 stable isotopes.
  • Element Ca is exception with 0 excess neutron and 97% abundance. However it is unstable with >E+21 a Half life.
Atomic number 43 (Tc) and 61 (Pm) has no stable isotopes in nature.
Thus from the above analysis, it looks like that all nuclei, stable or otherwise,  prefers to keep at least one neutron at the center of the nuclei from its excess count. The remaining excess neutrons stay very close to the center keeping its own identity. The other neutrons pair up with each proton and stay close together to the proton (like heavy hydrogen) but maintains its separate identity.

The nature prefers, for more complex nucleus, more neutrons than protons and creates a delicate balance to form a stable nuclei.

This balance of forces is so critical that in case of element F (the stable isotope is with  9 proton and 10 neutrons) The isotope 18F with 9 Protons and 9 Neutrons, with in 20 minutes decays and forms 18O which is stable with 8 protons and 10 Neutrons and gives up a e+ positron to convert proton to neutron and e+ and e- reaction produces Gama radiation.

Equation   18F → 18O + e+

Thus the existence of Neutron is vital to the existence of the universe itself, because without neutron, elements may not have been possible and hence the intelligence as we know today.

Structure of Neutron

The fact that Gravitational binding forces (Fg) of masses in the nucleus needs to be more than the destructive electromagnetic forces (Fem) created by the electrically positive environment of the nucleus,  (Fem < Fg) excess neutrons are required in the nuclei. However, even at the center of the nucleus neutrons keep their distinct identity, rather than lumping together to form one heavy neutron. Therefore, neutron can not be just a fuzzy mass but a well defined structure able to hold induced charges with precise demarcation of boundary with an insulating layer, more like a free standing capacitor. Which suggests that at least three particles with two sets of characteristics are required to create a neutron. For our model here, that has to be two particles capable of holding charges and one particle which provides insulation between these particles, similar to that of dielectric layer in the capacitor. Thus in this postulated model the neutron looks and behaves neutral for all practical purposes. However, within nuclei keeps separate and distinct identity and does not combine with other neutrons to form a one central heavy body.

The proposal here defers from the model independent analysis predicting the structure having negative charge on the surface, Positive charge in the next lower level and than neutral  mass. My model suggests that neutron is a free standing charged capacitor. This helps in keeping the distance between excess neutron in the nuclei. Otherwise there is nothing stopping these neutrons from lumping together to form a mini neutron star with in the nuclei. This model of Neutron is justified from the known fact that Neutron is heavier than Proton.

For elements other than Hydrogen, the nuclei becomes a chaotic environment. For Example, in case of

4He, two protons require their space and wants to be separate from each other as far as possible, and two neutrons are caught between the two protons as shown in figure 1.  From the reference frame of protons it is envisioned that Neutrons spin on its axis at very high rotational speed. One clockwise and other anticlockwise.

Model of nuclei

A new model of nuclei is proposed as shown in the figure 3. A spherical shell of excess neutrons with one neutron at the center of the shell surrounded by paired proton neutron (pn) shell.

For the stable nuclei system the electromagnetic forces needs to be balanced and gravitational forces maximized.  From the example of 4He above, it is envisioned that  elements are built, in this model, by Heavy Hydrogen nuclei (pn) as a building block and just enough excess neutrons to provide needed gravitational force for stability.

Energy levels (orbitals) in pn outer shell follows the similar shell structure of electrons, with K,L,M,N,O being primary shell and s, p, d, f, g sub shells with similar total charge particle capacity. However for excess neutron shell it differs, where a single neutron stays at the center of the nuclei when in excess. The energy level for that central neutron in this model is called “Foundation neutron” (Fn).

The Table 4 shows the placement of neutrons in each shell.

Nuclei Stability Analysis using above model

For Odd atomic number nuclei:

In the ‘p-n shell’ the outermost pair has no symmetry, however the excess neutron shell is symmetrical for all odd atomic number elements giving the stability and abundance. Referring to table 2 and table 4 , isotopes, with one excess neutron, has relative abundance in nature of 1 or close to 1,  The excess neutron takes the place of Fn.  The isotopes with 2 excess neutrons are all radio active which can be attributed to the asymmetry of neutron in unfilled K shell, which can hold up to 2 neutrons. When the K shell is completely filled as in the case of 41K, the nuclei is stable. Table 2 outlines isotopes and abundance for majority of elements, all follow the same principle and model fits perfectly with the exception of 14N with atomic number 7. Iodine has 21 excess neutrons, as we see in table 4, the outer most excess neutron shell is symmetrical, making it stable. All other elements follows.

For Even atomic number nuclei:

The stability is obtained from the pn shell. However, excess neutron shell  becomes asymmetric and depending on which sub shell, there is a room for additional excess neutrons and hence exhibits many stable isotopes with relative abundance. Theoretical probability calculation may prove this fact.

Instability and radio activity in heavy elements:

The neutron proton (np) pair in nuclei has capability to grow indefinitely. However as the heavier elements are built the inner excess neutron shell is large enough to interact with lower np shells, thus giving instability to the nuclei. e.g. for 238U there are 148 total neutrons and 54 excess neutrons.  A nuclei with 111 excess neutron will completely fill up the O shell. All elements after 209Bi are radio active, this shows that interaction of neutrons form excess neutron shell(inner shell) with pn shell is destructive when the N shell is half filled. Thus there is a upper limit to the size of the  inner excess neutron shell and this may be the reason for non existence of super heavy stable elements in nature.


This proposed model of nuclei, explains the stability and relative abundance of the nuclei. The nuclei(except for H and He) in this model is a shell with in a shell, where an innermost shell structure is formed with excess neutrons with one Fundamental foundation neutron (Fn) and the rest arranged in shell structure. Protons, form pair with neutron and form shell enclosing this excess neutron shell as shown in figure 3. The stability of the nuclei is a direct result of symmetrical placement of neutrons in the outer most shell of excess neutron shell. The same shell is responsible for many stable isotopes in even atomic number nuclei. The additional isotopes are possible if the outer shell of excess neutron shell holds odd number of neutrons. The nature of neutron is postulated here, the proof of which depends on future experiments.


Numerous Scientists’ and scholars’ exhausting work in development of periodic table, investigation of Isotopes is utilized and due credits are given. The list is too large to print here, but due credits are mentally given to all scientists.

by Bhagirath Shantilal Joshi

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    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    I know, it works.

    1.) Ni-H is a very heavy nuclear reaction.
    2.) No new laws in physics are needed to describe all the experiments.
    3.) The Gammapeak at 659.854 keV is the aequivalent to the pep Neutrino,
    detected by the Borexino Detector in Nov 2011.

    When you build a machine, 1.) is the most important.
    The Nickel in the reaction works as catalysator, to fuse H+H to D.
    In this thinking, the slow, free neutrons, who produce copper, Iron and and and
    are not welcome. But they are needed in the build process of D. With a magnetic
    field and chosing the Isotopes of Nickel,
    you have the control, which elements are build. And heavy elements are
    exponential to their atomnumber not build, because so much energy is needed,
    when you start building them from Nickel.
    This is other in U-235.

    When you build a nuclear reactor, in first has to be the safety for everyone.

    The big advantage in this nuclear reactor is, that nearly only elements with
    Isotopes with short halftime are build.
    The fuel for this reactor is really cheap.

    Rossi starts with a ready machine. I think, not so much can be done better in a
    short time, than Rossi did.

    Big machines are much worse controllable, this noticed Rossi.
    His machine is a well calculated compromiss for this.

    You can build a generator in any size. For notebook, car, rocket.
    But for this, how it can be made safe is the most important.
    A lot of tests are needed, making reactor run out of control in any size, MAKE
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    Dear rossi please read this
    article, this is a Very interesting theory that can explain everything about cold fusion.

    Feasibility of Cold Fusion from a point of view of the BSM – Supergravitation Unified theory

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    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    I work as a teacher at school and here I have not the possibility to test everything. I have a Diploma in Physics and I worked with Hydrogen,
    some exotic metals and I got a nice feeling, intuition, when I found something.
    This feeling I have just now about my formula for Cold Fusion.
    Some remarks to this formula:

    p + p+e+v + p+e+v = D + n + 659.854 keV (Gammaray)

    It has some similarities with the fission of U-235.
    1.) 1n, 2n, 4n, 8n, 16n, 32n, 64n… chain reaction
    2.) Real consumption of Hydrogen
    3.) Reducing the pressure: 3 H2 goes to 1 D2
    4.) Transmutation of Elements (because slow neutron)
    5.) In first place not a consumption of Nickel. Nickel works in first place as a catalyzator. So, this reaction depends not direct on Nickel.
    6.) Exact energybilance. The formula produces a sharp peak of gammaray,
    659,854 keV, that has been seen in nearly every experiment of cold fusion. This peak appears also in palladium, but only when Hydrogen is used (Pons, Fleischman)
    7.) When the reaction started, it depends not longer on the surface or the size of Nickel. Even bulk Nickel can be used.
    8.) With some percent of D, the reaction stopps, because now you give something to the right side of this reaction, so not more from the right side is produced, left side stays as before, means no energy, no new neutrons (Mass action law in chemistry)
    9.) Because 3 H2 goes to 1 D2 you can make a test of the Law of multiple proportions (Dalton)
    10.) You have the possibilty to test, how you can force, catalyze the generations of Neutron via p+e+v and 782.333 keV.

    Please, what do you think about this formula for Cold Fusion?
    Albert Einstein says: Any good modell can be found somewhere in nature, you just have to open your eyes and see,

  • Wladimir Guglinski

    Bhagirath Joshi wrote in December 23rd, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    Dear Reader:

    The recent news of CERN “Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result” Article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15791236 creates interesting scenario.

    In fact, if these results are true than our ( Wladimir Guglinski and I) argument that planks constant is actually a variant will hold. It is well known that speed of light is not constant in all medium.

    Dear Joshi,
    as I already wrote here in Rossi’s blog, only Quantum Ring Theory can save Einstein’s relativity:

    “In the page 203 of QRT is proposed the structure of the neutrino: it is formed by positron-electron moving in helical trajectory.
    Therefore the neutrino is not matter, in the sense we know what matter is.
    The light has its limit of speed in space thanks to the interaction of the photon (and its helical trajectory) with the aether that fills the space. The matter cannot get the speed of light because its mass increases with the growth of the speed, because of the interaction matter-aether. If a particle of matter would get the speed of light, its mass would become infinite.
    But the neutrino does not obey to such rules. As the neutrino is not matter (in the sense we konw the properties of matter), then it is not submitted to the laws of relativity proposed by Einstein.”

    See the link in ZPEnergy:

  • Dietmar

    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    please take a close look about my idea for Cold Fusion. It works not only in Nickel.

    p + p+e+v + p+e+v = D + n + 659.854 keV (Gammaray)

    This would mean for any cold fusion:
    A proton becomes Neutron, together with a proton it becomes
    Deuterium and the resonanzenergy from this forms
    another proton to a neutron, leaving 659.854 keV for gamma ray.
    This could be easy tested: From 3 protons you receive one Deuterium
    and a neutron, which makes after this the transmutation with any element in the cell, meaning also more heavy elements.

    The values are all correct.
    To form a neutron, you need a proton, an elektron, an antineutrino and
    782.333 keV energy.
    This multiplied via 2.
    The building from a Deuterium from a proton and an neutron gives energy free at 2224.52 keV.
    From this 2224.52-2*782.333=659.854 keV, the gamma ray,

    They found a Gammapeak always at 661.5 keV.
    The same peak was found in the original work from Pons and Fleischman. Because my idea not depends on Nickel, it is also valid for Palladium. The 661.5 keV
    Gammyray peak was only seen in Pons and Fleischmann
    when they use normal Hydrogen.

    Nice to hear from you,

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  • Dear Readers, This information is for people who are interested in kinetic/latent energy and the flow dynamics of the atom or a structure. There is a technology with regards the understanding of ‘the static and mobile mechanics of energy interaction’. By such an understanding it is possible to demonstrate the latent and kinetic energy of a structure. This technology when embodied in a mechanical design can because of specific flow dynamics be referred to as a ‘bi-polar unifying field oscillator’. How this technology comes about is by reasoning that everything in nature is of a duality/binary system, that the Earth is constructed from four dimensions and that positive and negative gravity originate by the same means but because of a factor with regards distance, time/duration enters the equation with regards adaptation of the structure, thats been constructed, to evolutionary environmental changes. If you are able to comprehend atomic dimensions with regards basic flows and force (the same forces and flows that exist in the make-up of the Earth) then you can get a better understanding of kinetics. Every structure has four basic levels of existence, each level occupies a 90 degree angle of a whole 360 degrees. The Earth is an inclusion of a structure of four helical trajectories. Each level has relativeness to a dimension of density, this is with regards to within the Earth on the underside of the mantle and of the Earth on the mantle. The mantle can be considered, with regards its structuring process, as four pivots supporting four inner helical trajectories and four outer helical trajectories. To investigate this technology you have to construct a simple mechanism that resembles a collapsed atom or planet with regards being one dimensional rather than four and being able to induce specic flows and forces.

    The mechanism can be built in several ways according to its intended application. You can construct either an eight rotor or a four rotor but they have to be in multiples of four or more.

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    This technology has been around for quite some time but because of the systemic system of human evolution it has not been made available for study within main stream physics. However, we are entering a new era that requires a higher level of atomic understanding but this, as we are all witnessing, only applies to those able to comprehend and vision this exciting challenge with regards the micro and macro level of existence. This mechanical set-up as described produces a unified physical field of flow but really it represents an introduction into the more energetic non physical fields of flow that involve photons and their association with structure. As stated previously, binary systems are a requirement that also apply to forces and flows and therefore, if you desire to explore, at the macro level our environment and compare it to that of another an embodied binary system has to be used.
    This is something I may present but I shall have to think about it because really its of no value at this time and I would not recommend anyone to embody the theory just because of curiosity. This information may help to explain why I say, I am mechanical not chemical. Regards Eric Ashworth.

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    The recent news of CERN “Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result” Article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15791236 creates interesting scenario.

    In fact, if these results are true than our ( Wladimir Guglinski and I) argument that planks constant is actually a variant will hold. It is well known that speed of light is not constant in all medium.

    Bhagirath Joshi

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Rick Meisinger:
    Right, and not just a NASCAR racer, but a NASCAR racer for all. We must arrive to a production of millions of pieces to make the price accessible to all.
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Iggy Dalrymple:
    We are working very well in the USA. Anyway the industrial development of the production of our E-Cats will make necessary to develope a diffused manufacturing network, encompassing the outsourcing implementation.
    Warm Regards,

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    Dear Dr Rossi,
    While I wish you well in your efforts to manufacture and market in the US, I am pessimistic because of opposition from old energy and from hot fusion academia.

    Shouldn’t you hedge your position by also producing in an industrialized energy-poor country such as Japan, Germany, or S Korea?

    Iggy Dalrymple

  • Rick Meisinger

    I agree with Kim that 2012 will be a great year. Hoping that 2012 will be full of inspired ideas and Divine connections and that the E-Cat will transform from the model T to a NASCAR racer. All of the best for you and your family!

    With much appreciation and support;

  • Dietmar

    New calculation:
    On the Nickel surface, the H2 molekule is separated in H+ and H- (this is validated, called Hydrid).
    Now, all is going on with H-.
    Compare with a Bohr:
    Z=28, mH+/me = 1836
    you get a Bohr/(28*1836)=1*10^-15m

    That should be small enough 🙂
    for any fusion,
    greetings Dietmar

    PS: When you know the spectrum from H-,
    it can be easy identified, that this is the real cause for any Cold Fusion, Transmutation of elements.

  • Dietmar

    “The hydrogen anion is a negative hydrogen ion, H−. It is an important constituent of the atmosphere of stars, such as the Sun, where it is the dominant absorber of photons with energies in the range 0.75-4.0 eV, ranging from the infrared into the visible spectrum (Rau 1999). It also occurs in the Earth’s ionosphere (Rau 1999).

    Its existence was first proven theoretically by Hans Bethe in 1929 (Bethe 1929). H− is unusual because it has no bound excited states, as was finally proven in 1977 (Hill 1977). It has been studied experimentally using particle accelerators (Bryant 1977).”
    From Wikipedia,

  • Dietmar

    Hi all,
    what do you think about my idea for Fusion from Hydrogen with Nickel?

    When the hydrogen ion enters the lattice of Nickel,
    the plus charge from Hydrogen is overcompromised from the large electron
    about this Hydrogen ion.
    I calculatet the overcompromised charge to about 0.5e (minus!!!).
    (In far distance from this Hydrogen ion it comes to oscillationen of that
    Hydrogen potential, to reach a value to zero for charge all together.)

    What an idea: Now the NEGATIV Hydrogen Ion surrounds the Nickel nucleus,
    like a VERY heavy electron:-).
    And look at the parameters: Half charge of an electron, but 1800 mass
    of an elektron. My calculation ist: because of dielectric shilding,
    that the distance compared with a-Bohr is:
    28 smaller because of Z=28 from Nickel, 1800 smaller because of big mass
    compared to Electron, 2 bigger because half of charge of electron and 64
    because of Dielectric shielding.
    All together this gives a distance to 1/394 a-Bohr, means
    1.3*10^-13 m
    short enough for fusion,

    Nice to hear from you,

    PS:A Myon has a mass of 207 electrons and same charge.
    Myon catalyzed Fusion happens.
    The radius is 1/207 a-Bohr,
    so, this value is short enough, compare with calculation above,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Kim Patterson:
    Merry Christmas to you: yes, it will be a great year the 2012.
    Warm Regards,

  • Kim Patterson

    2012 will be a great year
    Merry Christmas Andrea Rossi


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Dr Michel Malengret:
    First of all, I am not Professor.
    I am delighted to read that in South Africa you are interested to our job.
    If you want to visit us, you will be very welcome.
    Please contact me:
    Best Wishes to you too,

  • Dear Professor Rossi,

    I am a prof at University of Cape Town. I would be very interested in being included in the future.

    Africa has pressing needs to come up with a cheap source of energy and would be greatful to be part of it’s future implementation.

    Best wishes for 2012

    Dr M. Malengret University of Cape Town Elec Eng department

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Luiz Carlos:
    Please contact Ampenergo:
    Warm Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Stefania Conti:
    W E-Cat!

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