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Some experiments that shook the World

Sankar Hajra
Calcutta Philosophical Forum, Salt Lake,
AC -54, Sector-1, Calcutta – 700 064, INDIA
To know whether a fuel isp roper fuel or not is to determine whether the fuel gives off greater amount of energy when it is used than the energy involved in making the fuel from raw natural materials.
A huge amount of energy is obtained when Hydrogen or thermite (a mixture of powdered Aluminium and oxide of iron) is burned.
But energy obtained from combustion of those fuels is not greater than the energy spent to make them from natural resources.
Therefore, Hydrogen and thermite cannot be treated as proper fuels.
Electricity could be readily generated from combustion of those fuels, but, electricity made from those fuels must be more expensive than electricity made from coal or petroleum.
According to Einstein’s  E=mcˆ2  formula, 1Kg of any material (preferably Uranium) will give 9×10ˆ16  joules, or  2×10ˆ16  calories, of  heat energy through complete nuclear reaction.
[E = mcˆ2 = 1 x (3 x 10ˆ8)ˆ2 joules = 20 x 10ˆ12 kilocals = 20 trillion kilocals]
If that would be true, then powerful states around the world would not compete for oil in the deserts of Arabia.
If one ton of Uranium of someton ‘Little Boy’ bomb could take part in the so-called nuclear reaction, then some million of square miles of the world would burn, instead of only 1.7 square miles of Hiroshima.
It not at all possible to give supply of electricity to the people from so-called nuclear fuels at a cost lower than fossil-fuel electricity for the reasons stated above.
However, it is possible to give ontological lectures on nuclear fission/fusion or to earn immense money from so-called nuclear projects.

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  • Andrea Rossi

    I will not attend the ICCF of Padua: I have to stay 16 hours per day in our 1 MW E-Cat in operation in the USA.
    The paper we are writing about the theoretical base of the so called Rossi Effect will be published in a mainstream science context.
    Warm Regards,

  • Dr Rossi:
    Will you attend the ICCF of Padua on April this year? Will you present there the paper you are writing with a mainstream physicist?

  • Andrea Rossi

    Gregg Tiedeman:
    Oil has nothing to fear from this technology, provided it will be consolidated during the next year by the 1 MW plant. As I always said, all the energy sources can be integrated and work collaboratively. I am sure it is not and never will be an ” either or “.
    Warm Regards,

  • Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Honestly, do you think that the fall of the oil prices are due also to the Lugano Report, as many say?

  • Andrea Rossi

    Jean Pierre:
    That is one of our R&D rows, but presently we are focused on the 1 MW plant. Nevertheless, that is an important job to do too.
    Same wishes to you and again to all our Readers,

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